Who’s a Climate Scientist? #hungrybeast

Sneak preview from the Power Episode of #hungrybeast 9.30pm ABC1 Wednesdays

[TEXT]In the media landscape there are climate change deniers and believers, but rarely are those speaking about climate change actual climate scientists…

yo….we’re climate scientists.. and there’s no denying this Climate Change Is REEEEALL..

Who’s a climate scientist..
I’m a climate scientist..
Not a cleo finalist
No a climate scientist

Droppin facts all over this wax
While bitches be crying about a carbon tax
Climate change is caused by people
Earth Unlike Alien Has no sequel
We gotta move fast or we’ll be forsaken,
Cause we were too busy suckin dick Copenhagen: (Politician)

I said Burn! it’s hot in here..
32% more carbon in the atmosphere.
Oh Eee Ohh Eee oh wee ice ice ice
Raisin’ sea levels twice by twice
We’re scientists, what we speak is True.
Unlike Andrew Bolt our work is Peer Reviewed… ooohhh

Who’s a climate scientist..
I’m a climate scientist..
An Anglican revivalist
No a climate scientist

Feedback is like climate change on crack
The permafrosts subtracts: feedback
Methane release wack : feedback..
Write a letter then burn it: feedback
Denialists deny this in your dreams
Coz climate change means greater extremes,
Shit won’t be the norm
Heatwaves bigger badder storms
The Green house effect is just a theory sucker (Alan Jones)
Yeah so is gravity float away muther f**cker

Who’s a climate scientist..
I’m a climate scientist..
I’m not a climate Scientist
Who’s Climate Scientists
A Penny Farthing Cyclist
A Lebanese typist
A Paleontologist
A Sebaceous Cyst
No! a climate scientist! Yo! PREACH~!

Written and performed by Climate Scientists, Dan Ilic, Duncan Elms and production by Brendan Woithe at Colony NoFi.

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8 replies

  1. Ta Tigtog, i see there were no csiro scientists there.

    • Roger Jones is ex-CSIRO, I think.

      I imagine not all organisations would be cool with their scientists doing media stuff.

  2. oh my god that is beautiful. THE INTERNETS THEY HAVE WON THEM.

  3. Fuck it, I hate it when something that should be OMGFABULOUS yet afuckinggain has a whacking great dose of sexism and homophobia at its core. Characterising denialists/politicians as “bitches” who are “too busy sucking dick”? What did that add?

  4. I noticed that and wanted to barf too, Lauredhel. So disappointing.

    • Sorry for not warning about those moments of fail. I liked the rest of it so much that I subconsciously glided over those, as those of us with privilege do.
      It would be really nice if, once in a while, white folks playing off the rapper tropes realised that they don’t have to include so-called ‘gangsta’ slang/slurs. It’s not compulsory, really.

  5. @dylan agh:

    i see there were no csiro scientists there

    That’s because we’re officially not allowed to have an opinion, if we identify that we are working for CSIRO and that opinion might have anything to do with anything political. At all. This is what happens when we do express an opinion, even when that opinion is backed up by scientific evidence.
    In fact, posting this might count as political. Oh well, I was going to be looking out for a new job soon anyway.

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