Otterday! And Open Thread.

This little otter fell asleep while juggling a pebble.

Otter on its back on grass, eyes closed, with a pebble clutched in its right paw.

Please feel free to use this thread to natter about anything your heart desires. Is there anything great happening in your life? Anything you want to get off your chest? Reading a good book (or a bad one)? Anything in the news that you’d like to discuss? What have you created lately? Commiserations, felicitations, temptations, contemplations, speculations?

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  1. On the family walk this morning the riverbirds were engaged in such a variety of noteworthy behaviours that I fair expected to suddenly start hearing David Attenborough describing what the hell was going on. If I haven’t uploaded the photos to Flickr by this evening and put up a few in a post, please give me a gentle nag?

  2. More house-looking at today. One dive, one *spectacular* house with absolutely no accessibility, one that seemed just about right…gotta do research on public transport etc. So tired! Mini-TBO and I are tag-teaming on her dad, campaigning for two dogs instead of one (cos they will get BORED on their own!!). House hunting is seriously exhausting, but made bearable by a good strong coffee and some sweeties in the break.
    Down to the line for exam period: Monday is the release of the planning law take-home, Friday for Ethics, both handed in next Monday then two weeks for a research project for Indigenous People and the Law and then finally finally through a tough semester. (Four days work plus three law subjects plus single parenting, house hunting and relationshipping…me tired!).
    Saw a bush turkey crossing the road out the front of the ‘just about right’ place. Lots of birdies in the area!

  3. Just got home from SlutWalk Brisbane. Decent turnout, and some good speakers. Tiara was awesome. It was nice to see other woc/non-white women (and men) turning out as well.
    Some of those signs are great, tigtog. Love the ‘fixed that for you’ one 😀
    Good luck with the househunting and assessment, FP. Sounds like you’re a bit under the pump atm. *sends positive thoughts your way*

  4. Hey, glad SlutWalk was good! Ta Jennifer – mostly it’s been okay. Busy but everything’s getting done, but yes, at the moment it feels all uphill. But exams will be done and dusted soon. And we will (eventually) find a house.

  5. @Jennifer, excellent news re #SlutWalk – I’m hopeful that now that a lot of people are scratching their heads about why so many marchers were NOT wearing slutty clothes (hint: not just because it’s winter) that some people might finally realise that the right to wear skimpy outfits is only a driving issue for some of the marchers – other marchers have other driving issues – the one thread in common is WHATEVER WE WEAR, WHEREVER WE GO, YES MEANS YES, NO MEANS NO.

  6. Edinburgh Reclaim the Night is tonight! I’m so excited. I love the Slutwalk signs, lots of inspiration.
    Good luck, FP. I hope it all works out for you.

  7. Ta kirstente! I am currently excited because the tag-teaming over ‘Two mini schnauzers would be better than one’ seems to be working on TBO who has been reduced to smiling and saying we ought to form our own debating team. And also I totally want to call them Atticus and Scout! I seem to be alone in the house in thinking this would be awesomeness per-dog-ified but that’s okay, I can totally see that they are all wrong and I am all right and they will come to recognise this in the fullness of time.

    • @FP, while I fully recognise the Awesomeness Squared that would be naming the hounds Atticus and Scout, I have to hold out for the Awesomeness Cubed that would be naming them Ripley and Jones.

  8. That would be pretty awesome. When I had my head shaved there was a waiter in my local area who used to call out “Morning Ripley!”. I’m not sure there was anything he called me that could have made me feel more awesome. 🙂

  9. I know there has been discussion of logos here before, so here is something I hope will be of interest. Special Effect, a charity I’ve mentioned to you previously, is looking for feedback on possible logos. They design computer games and artistic programmes for use by disabled people, mostly through eye movement, though often tailoring to a particular person’s movement abilities. I’d love to see them achieve a wider profile.

  10. Busy morning well-spent – two borked websites resurrected! Yay me!

  11. @TT

    And yay you for all the work you have done over at LP too. Great job there.

  12. Of course now LP is giving me a five oh something error. I like the “wordpress is probably to blame” screen too. Is that yours?

  13. It’s back again now. I hope he is getting lots of info for his study, he is certainly earning it in server upkeep I think.

  14. 2010 Aurealis Award Winner for Best Fantasy Novel
    Power and Majesty, Tansy Rayner Roberts (Harper Voyager)
    These jury-judged awards were set up to honour the best Australian sf, fantasy, horror and young adult works. (from Matilda, a blog by Perry Middlemiss)
    I’m anxiously awaiting volume 2 to be delivered.

  15. Oh my brain! Owie. Trying to negotiate a pretty horrid planning take home (before the even more horrid ethics take home to come over the weekend) and am in the middle of offers on yet another house. You’d think it would get less scary each time but it doesn’t.

  16. Best of luck with the take home and the new home. Did you get a good response from your email?

  17. I got *a* response. I think they’ll take a look at it but I can’t scan it til tomorrow. Re the house our offer was accepted and they’re preparing a Sales Agreement. Sydney being what it is I am not going to accept it until we’re formally exchanged (and we need the building and pest back before we do that). So…should the universe work our way this week we will have exchanged formally by Friday morning and will pick up the keys on Monday 4th! Woot!

  18. @ FP – things are looking up then! Hope this means you can get a good handle on your take home and blitz it.

  19. I don’t know if this is the right spot for this, but Penny Wong was tagged “sensitive” for objecting to being “meowed” at by another senator. He found her assertiveness catty, or someshit.

  20. Crikey, and here I thought getting a bit pissed off at smartarse stirrers was just being a true blue dinkum Aussie.

  21. @Mindy. Nope. It means I got distracted, and ‘cut’ the entire work I’d done for the day to paste into another document (so I didn’t mess with the footnotes for the second half now I was ready to write in earnest with all my notes prepared), then noticed a footnote issue, so cut and pasted something there, then saved out of the document, and…you guessed it…no more day’s worth of work. Nevermind. I am going for a run. Then I will deal. But yes, house-wise looks quite good.

  22. @FP – Oh noes! I know that you know that your forced reworking will be a better draft in the end, but how so much more preferable to not have to be forced into it.
    @Perla, I’m loving that Senator Miaow has now had to apologise, and that there’s been a whole lot of discussion about workplace sexism in the Parliament because Wong stood her ground.

  23. @tigtog: I haven’t kept up with the discussions, but it wasn’t *just* the cat comment. It was the round-the-room ‘Ooooo-oooh-oooohhhh’ when she asked to be allowed to finish speaking. What the f*ck? Are we in KINDERGARTEN here? “Ummm-MUMMM-aaah. You used your BIG GIRL voice!” Grr.
    Well…trying to convince self it will all get handed in on time. But today looks like being the day with the house. EEEEEEEEEE!


    Okay. Not *that* house. But praise be to Jehosephat we have FINALLY exchanged contracts on a house!

  25. *cheers and throws streamers* Congrats to FP! 🙂

  26. *Pours drink* *Raises glass*

    Wonderful news, FP!

  27. Hehe. Of course my wonderful news resulted in me going ‘Oh fuck. What did we just DO!’ all last night so not sleeping, but on the upside I have a delightful argument coming together for my planning law essay! Thanks for the *Yays*.

  28. Here’s another “Yay!”. Excellent news, FP.

  29. Congratulations FP, that’s huge.

  30. Thanks tigtog and orlando! I’m completely exhausted from it all but yes, we’ve been continually saying ‘We get to wake up in the same room every day’, ‘Full sized kitchen!’, ‘Fuck yeah ENSUITE’ etc. Dead tired, have MILES of work to go workwise/studywise etc, but very happy to have this part of life sorted (sorted by way of we know where we’re going, though it opens up all the other sorting of packing moving etc…but I LOOOOVE to unpack!).

  31. @ FP Yay for the excitements of moving into your own house. Good luck with essay writing.

  32. Congrats FP! (Home owner…sounds so terribly grown up. )Here’s to a smooth move and many happy memories made in your new home.

  33. Wow, new house! Puppies! You can paint the ceiling with stars! You can hang as many pictures as you like! You can paint portal halos on the doors!
    I got distracted, and ‘cut’ the entire work I’d done for the day to paste into another document … cut and pasted something there, then saved out of the document
    *winces in sympathy* Done that before. But to prevent it you could use something like Google docs, which saves iterations of your project so you can always go back to a previous version. There’s a few programs that do that now, and I find them rather useful.

  34. Thanks everyone. Yes. Big. Grown up. Scary. Exciting. Can’t wait. Starting to get sick from lack of sleep/exams etc. Mouth is ulcerating and I’m getting a cold. Waaa. Still. Soon it will be done and then I can move in and then I can put my shinies around and later, much later…PUPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSS!

  35. Bad day. Really bad day. (Nothing’s happened to me, just my mind screwing itself up).

  36. Sorry to hear it, SN. I hate those days when my brain is working against me.

  37. ((SunlessNick))
    (Did I use the right signy things there? Never too confident about blogosphere code.)

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