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Items of interest come across recently in my feed-reader. What did I miss? Leave your own interesting links in comments. Shameless self-promotion entirely welcome!
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  • PZ Myers: Scientist. Atheist. Mensch.
  • – “PZ is a mensch because, in his space, he called out:

    his colleague
    who is his friend
    and is more famous and influential than he is

    If you male-type people want to know what women want? This is it. We will of course tell you to be courteous, to follow the Decent Person’s Guide, to be respectful of boundaries and consent. But what women (and other people trying to battle against rape culture need most from men is that you be willing to tell your friends when they’re over the line.

    It doesn’t matter how good your behavior is (or you think it is), if you aren’t willing to tell your friends when their behavior starts heading for not-so-nice. You don’t have to fight them, but you do need to exert social, friendly pressure. And you need to be aware that it doesn’t matter how great a guy seems when he’s with you, if a bunch of women think he’s a creep he’s not actually that great a guy.”

  • The revolt against Murdochracy: a view from Oz
  • – “The hacking and bribery scandals appear (as far as we know) to be confined to the UK, but the greater scandal of Murdoch’s corruption of the political process and misuse of press power is even worse in Australia. “

  • Important editorial advice
  • – Deconstruction of the Strunk/White possibilities from Language Log

  • Can't Vs. Won't
  • – “Our failure to create jobs is a choice, not a necessity — a choice rationalized by an ever-shifting set of excuses. “

  • So Much Cute! SO MUCH! (This is sarcasm.)
  • – “The whole narrative of women putting out for (male) soldiers as a patriotic gesture is SO FUCKING ADORABLE I can barely stand it!”

  • Drilling down to the lizard brain: slut shaming edition
  • – “To those who continue to believe that the “pro-life” movement is concerned with cute little babies and not the sexual behavior of women, I offer this:”

  • Weekly Round-Up and Open Thread, 11th July 2011.
  • – super linkfest from the F-Word Blog

  • It’s not about Nemo
  • – “It’s no fun picking on lovable cartoon characters! That issue is at the very heart of the problem. These movies repeatedly charm us and our kids into celebrating the same old gender stereotypes generation after generation.”

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  1. “The whole narrative of women putting out for (male) soldiers as a patriotic gesture is SO FUCKING ADORABLE I can barely stand it!”
    And as Melissa also points out, Timberlake taking it upon himself to “make it happen” like he has any fucking say.

  2. Drilling down to the lizard brain.
    So ridiculous that we even have to keep pointing this out.
    But what a great written post.

  3. From “Drilling Down the Lizard Brain”: “I’m afraid the female frog is heating up slowly, thinking it’s in a nice comfortable hot tub. ”
    That is so well put. And exactly what’s wrong. The other side is mobilized, resolute, and motivated. We’re not. We just want to pretend the issue is settled.
    There’s a new blog just up and running — although it’s been awhile in the planning. It’s a team effort by a couple of feminists and former Mormons. The blog hilariously satirizes romance novels, prudishness, religious patriarchy, male privilege, and many other things. The name comes from a phrase once used in Official Mormon Church writings: “White and Delightsome”. I recommend starting with the older post first. Flat out funny.
    In the shameless self-promotion department, I’ve got a post on nudism that is safe for most work environments, despite the title: Those Sexy Nudists Exposed!
    PZ Meyers did the right thing. Dawkins was so far out of line, he was in lunar orbit. It will be interesting to see Dawkins apologizes. We all make mistakes. But it marks our character when we refuse to acknowledge them.

  4. I love that in the comments for the nemo story there is a dude talking about a story that *does* feature girls. But the first thing he says about it is that it is *for girls*.
    It’s a nice try, but I think he is missing the point a little.

  5. I guess it’s the science geek in me, but did you know that in clownfish, the largest in a social group is female, and if she dies, the next-largest (male) becomes the new female?
    So Nemo’s father ought to have turned into a female once Nemo’s mother died.

  6. Aqua, I darn nearly chortled to death reading that.

  7. Aqua, that’s actually part of an argument that J. Jack Halberstam makes for the queerness of some recent kids’ movies. I think the book is published now, let me check… oh no, not a book, but a bit is in this brief chapter, here. Yeah. Also, blogging! I saw him present on this stuff in Sydney a few years ago, both offering queer readings and pointing out films that seemed to be overly invested in heterosexual coupledom (and how much the youngfolk he took to the movies preferred the former) and it was great fun! And of course, with who’s to say Marlin *didn’t* turn into a female fishy? 😉

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