Updatoramadrama: nothing to report

I’ve updated to a more recent version of WordPress. A quick look around seems that everything appears to be ticking away as usual, but just to test some of our more rarely used plugins with this new version, I’d like a few comments on this post please? I’m setting it to full moderation using the selective moderation plugin, because I want to check whether that still works.

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  1. *tap* *tap* *tap* Is this thing on?

  2. Would you like to come back to my room for coffee. That was a really thought provoking talk you gave today.

  3. What, I’m too late?
    Woe… woe waily waily waily

  4. But you read it Sam, didn’t you…

  5. Thanks for all that info re wi fi security

  6. If it’s for a moderation test, I guess I should troll you. Hm. Your magnum opus lacks gravitas and your vocabulary is narrow!*
    * I don’t mean that.

  7. @Sam, seems my sarcasm meter was off last night, my apologies.

  8. LOL! Love the llamadrama icon 😛

  9. @Mindy
    To be honest I didn’t understand your comment, so perhaps your snark-a-tron wasn’t working either?
    It was too boring to just test a javascript injection. Thought I’d liven things up with a contemporary application of the *del* tag!

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