It’s a bit damp

According to the BOM, the mean rainfall for the month of July at Observatory Hill near Sydney Harbour Bridge is 97.4mm. The decile 5 (median) rainfall is 75.0mm, and the mean number of days with at least 1mm of precipitation is 7.5

45.0mm since 9am today (21st – it’s now 6pm)
39.2mm between 9am on the 20th and 9am on the 21st
76.8mm between 9am on the 19th and 9am on the 20th
160.8mm in 55 hours. That’s already double the median monthly rainfall.

It’s meant to rain again tomorrow, although they’re only forecasting between 15-30mm. I’m over the sound of heavy falling rain.

Now I have to go and put my gumboots on to take the bins out. I’m wondering whether to put on a lifejacket too.

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  1. It’s not nearly as wet here (Melbun) as I’d feared. We had dire warnings this morning (SES was gearing up already) but it seems to have downgraded to showers. Perhaps you Sydneysiders got it all.

  2. Yeah…well our new house sprang some leaks, the backyard is flooded, the FOUR loads of wash I did on Monday all got drenched and have been abandoned to their fates and today was shitful. Wet on the way TO work and to the uniform shop (why NO we WON’T allow our students to wear anything from Coles, the new uniform can ONLY be purchased here and only during work hours once a week) and then I headed from work to the parent teacher interview. Wet from the water sleeting down the road finding its way into my shoes, wet from the sideways rain and the WET!!!! from the bus-induced-tsunami: from my thighs to the bottom of my soaks completely sopping wet drenched. Did I mention I was on the way (by public transport) to my son’s parent teacher night…and that I had to come home by public transport. I spent two hours soaked to the bone and COLD. Am officially grouchy. Also our new houses’ combustion fire needs its flu cleaned and I’m grumpy because the fires I’m trying to build won’t WORK~! *End complaints*

  3. Perth has had some rain but we are still very short of water in the dams. A pity you can’t splash a bit our way.

  4. Uniforms from Coles?? I meant from Lowes etc…

  5. I just got home with the shopping and forgot how very flooded it gets out the front of my new place. Didn’t have it quite as bad as you, FP, but I had to stay in my soggerised stockings and shoes until I could check on the guinea pigs! They’re bravely huddling together on their new fleece bedding. I’d give them a change in the morning, because I’m worried about the water getting to them, but, well, I’ve not been able to dry their other fleece for days. It’s a particularly penetrating sort of rain, somehow, isn’t it?

  6. I’ve so far been lucky in that the rain hasn’t caused me too much bother, but I’m driven to marvel at my dog’s capacity for crossing her legs. I open the back door after she’s been inside for up to 10 hours, she takes one look outside and gets back on my bed, “No thanks Mum, I’m fine, don’t need the loo. Nope. Not me.”
    I suppose I should be grateful that all that’s needed is a firm “Clara, go do a wee” and she slinks outside looking resentful. When she first came to live with us she wouldn’t go out in the rain unless I came with her and stood in the middle of the yard.

    • My little grey cat that looks rather like your big grey cat is taking a few goes to actually make it out the back door at the moment. She’ll scratch for me to let her into the laundry so she can go out, but then she’ll change her mind and come back into the kitchen still dry, then repeats a few times before she finally gets the motivation to actually go out. Then she’s back inside very quickly, bumping at the laundry door to come back in where the heater is.

  7. We’re getting a lot of rain in Britain at the moment, too, but it doesn’t sound anything like as hair-raising as this.

  8. I am using the rain as an excuse to drink hot Irish whiskey:
    1 slice lemon
    5-6 whole cloves
    1 shot of Irish whiskey (I use Jameson)
    hot water
    1 teaspoon sugar (brown or white)
    Pour whiskey into a whiskey glass (or a wine glass)
    Add sugar
    Press cloves into lemon slice, add lemon
    Add hot water — 3:1 ratio with the whiskey — it helps if you pour it over the back of a spoon, so the hot water won’t make the glass shatter
    Stir until sugar is dissolved
    Enjoy sensation of warmth making its way through your cold, miserable, tired limbs.

  9. I’m deeply fond of rain and storms myself, although it’s an ambiguous feeling because they’re such disasters for many people. And it seems that a medication change has left me inexplicably vulnerable to the cold too.
    It would be a good few days for a heated room with a good view, and a steady supply of hot drinks. And for laundry drying fairies to exist, of course.

  10. We have not had enough rain in Perth – but we appear to have had more than 20mm in the last two days which means we now have 7 days to go and about 50mm to get to last years total for July and 70mm to get to the average. Considering we have had the bulk of that rain on the 1st and then another large amount this week, it might happen.
    I had a scary driving experience due to it being super dark, lots of rain and being forced to take unfamiliar roads home from work due to the highway being closed by the Police for still unknown reasons earlier this week. We need the rain, but that was not fun times. I finally got home 1 1/2 hrs later.

  11. I bought 4 rain jackets to take to Europe because people told me that summer may only happen for one day out of 3 months there. We never used them. We arrived in Paris during a heatwave, got a little bit tanned and wore short sleeves every day (except in Wales … ). When we got off the plane on in Sydney Wednesday morning, that’s when we needed them, and they were, of course, locked in our luggage by then. Anyways, I’m home and need lunch with tigtog to share travel stories. Will call 🙂

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