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  • British Judges Free Child Rapists, Say 12-Year-Old Girls “Wanted” Sex
  • – “But this is not a new argument. In case after case, rapists are let off the hook with apologies and excuses: The girls were dressed provocatively, the women were drinking, women lie about rape, there was “sex in the air.” In law, it seems, no one ever “means” to rape–it’s always an accident, or the fault of the woman.

    However, research has shown that most rapists are serial rapists–and those serial rapists commit 90 to 95 percent of all rapes. What’s more likely–that these repeat perpetrators just happen to get “tricked” by underage women or receive “mixed messages” from unconsenting women, again and again–or that the overwhelming majority of rapes aren’t really committed “by accident”?”

  • The Great Characterisation of Hayao Miyazaki by Eleanor Ball
  • – “Miyazaki’s characters are more alive than most live-action characters. Unfortunately, it can be hard to get people to believe this. They’re bogged down with the word “cartoon”. They say, let’s watch something serious, let’s watch something real. So is Kick Ass more serious than Watership Down? Is Dumb and Dumber more real than Marjane Satrapi’s Persepolis?

    My point isn’t that animation is generally more real than live action (or even equally real), because I don’t believe that to be the case. My point is simply that animation doesn’t automatically denote a lack of seriousness or reality, and Miyazaki’s films are a perfect example of that.”

  • Respect This POTUS and FLOTUS Like You've Done The Other 43 White Ones
  • – “But what has us taken aback is the vitriol the POTUS is getting that is coming from so called liberals and elements of the gay community couched in ‘criticism’ of him.”

  • Same ableist shit, different day
  • – Those people are not insane. I mean, do I even have to say that? Apparently.

    Because it’s not insane to be raised in a culture with ideals and memes about journalism and the news, and believe what the news tells you.

  • Obligatory Richard Dawkins Post
  • – “Lots of people have said lots of things about this, rightfully calling out Dawkins’ male privilege and pointing out that the “there are bigger problems” argument is derailing and silencing.

    But very few of these posts have touched on Dawkins’ use of Muslim women specifically. And that’s where we come in.”

  • Weekly round-up and open thread
  • – F-Word blog linkfest

  • Reprint: Why the world needs fat acceptance.
  • – “If I am to value myself, and my intelligence, and my contributions to the world, I must also value the vessel that enables me to engage with that world, and that helps me to experience everything that makes me the person I am, no matter how anyone else may try to tear me down. And if I am going to expect others to respect and value my body and my choices, I must value the tremendous diversity of all bodies in return. Fat acceptance isn’t just for me, or just for fat people; everyone needs fat acceptance, because this is a lesson that benefits us all.”

  • Why The Argument That People Using “Real Names” Are Better Behaved Online Rings False
  • – “While it is true that the Internet does cause many people to act in ways that they might not in meatspace, the whole pseudonym/handle/nickname thing is not the cause of these actions and does not indicate a higher instance of them. Mostly because any name can be a pseudonym or even just fake and not meant to indicate a unified identity. I could go by the name Joanna Smith on any number of blogs, say all kinds of shit, harass all kinds of people, and totally “get away with it” because that’s not my name.”

  • The Man Who Hated Women
  • – “Shocker: Norwegian terrorist Anders Behring Breivik is a racist and a misogynist, and his shooting rampage was inspired by his hatred of women, Muslims, and brown people.”

  • Should We Defend Polygamists?
  • – “There’s no compelling reason for the state to intervene in these peoples’ lives. Honestly, if the state were to prosecute every unequal marriage or misogynist religion, belief system, or living situation there would be precious little time or money for it to do anything else. The fact that the state gives a pass to other repressive lifestyles and religions and only singles out an FLDS family makes it look an awful lot like religious persecution.”

  • This Wouldn’t Have Happened if We Had More F-22s
  • – LGM notes yet another headdesk moment

  • Gendered Bodily Postures: Body Clowning
  • – I read this post and what jumped out at me was the Manic Pixie Dream Girl trope.

  • Clumsy, Indeterminately-Aged Headline Writers and Who is RUINING EVERYTHING
  • – “If you’ve read more than three think pieces on What Feminism Is Today, you know that they all sound a little like Owen Wilson in The Royal Tenenbaums. “Everybody thinks that feminism is very necessary, and has been doing a great job with the whole fighting-inequity thing. What my piece presupposes is… maybe it isn’t???“

    Like, no. You are not a brave warrior, Column Writer Guy! Nobody actually thinks feminism is doing a great job. Which is good, because nobody is publishing the articles about how feminists are doing such a great job. There is no room for them, you see! Because we really, really need to hear the 500th person stand up and say they’re so over feminism. It’s why the piece got that awful web headline, which Traister didn’t apparently choose; no matter how thoughtful and nuanced Traister was, they were clearly under the impression that they were publishing a hit piece. She could have written 27,000 words of useful and respectful disagreement and they would still be like, sweet! Headline it “Clumsy Feminists Wreck Everything, Because They’re Stupid, Also Feminist!””

  • Male games for male gamers: A case study
  • – “The encoded, indirect message behind that text is this:

    We don’t want this to be difficult. We just want to play our games and not have to worry about forcing people to behave. We don’t want to think critically about what kind of ground rules would need to be laid down, how we would make them clear, and how we would enforce them, because that seems like a lot of work without any worthwhile payoff. We don&#8
    217;t want to be distracted by having to police our participants. We just want to play some motherfucking Battlefield 3, and have fun doing it. Because dealing with misogyny, racism, homophobia, or any kind of hate speech? It’s just not fun. So in the interest of making this event fun for the men and safe for the women, we’re just going to require that the women stay home.”

  • Congratulations to all of the same-sex couples marrying in New York!
  • – “The weddings have begun and congratulations to all of the happy couples who are tying the knot in the Empire State. “

  • Is The Norwegian Terrorist A Christian Fundamentalist?
  • – “What he seems to fear is the death of a Christian culture in Europe, and he sees this as happening through wide-spread immigration of Muslims which will turn the continent into a Saudi Eurabia governed by the sharia laws.

    Yet he did not attack Muslim immigrants in Norway but those he perhaps sees as the future “door-openers” for future immigration: The youth of the Labor party (Arbeiderpartiet) which currently governs Norway as the senior partner in a coalition government. Though Breivik would call them Marxists. In that sense the label “right-winger” is more appropriate for him than the label “Christian fundamentalist.””

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