Femmostroppo Reader September 10, 2011

Items of interest come across recently in my feed-reader. What did I miss? Leave your own interesting links in comments. Shameless self-promotion entirely welcome!
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  • Feminist Blog Outs Trans Women, Posts Pictures,
  • – and WordPress.com refuses to enforce its own Terms of Service, hiding behind some excuse that they need a court order. Who needs a court order to enforce a TOS?

  • Embracing rugby the game, rejecting Rugby the culture
  • – “I can no longer entirely divorce my rugby-watching from many of the problematic aspects of rugby culture.”

  • Happy 45th Anniversary, Star Trek!
  • – Trek love

  • Weight Watchers the solution to the obesity crisis?
  • – “there’s probably a reason that studies of weight-loss programs (especially ones funded by the company who runs the program, as this study was) don’t do long-term follow up on the participants.”

  • Is this really happening?
  • – “Why was this particular family being picked on? There must be plenty of families with two fat parents that have fat children – the genetic odds of that happening are 80%. How were they able to force the family to live under the supervision of social services? How is that legal? How could this possibly have been cost effective? And why do they think that taking these children away from their parents is going to magically change them into thin people? The family did what they wanted, and it didn’t work!”

  • The Fitness Question
  • – “Would it be worth it to you to exercise if you didn’t lose weight? If the only benefits you reaped would be the benefits of physical activity?”

  • No, *This* Is How We Get More Black People Involved in the Atheist Movement
  • – “the basic thesis was that in order to attract more members of minority communities […] to the secular/freethought movement, the only thing that could be done was to make the movement more friendly and welcoming in general. A sort of Field of Dreams approach to attracting members of communities of colour – if you build it, they’ll start showing up. I was a bit apoplectic because Mr. Miller has clearly not consulted with, or bothered to listen to, anyone who has been talking about this issue from the minority perspective. This kind of laissez faire approach to recruitment is doomed to fail for reasons I will explain.”

  • Feminists not getting “you-know-what”
  • – “Tantaros seems to be under the impression that women having sex for pleasure means we get laid less often (or at least less well), which is confusing. Because if feminists aren’t having sex, how are we able to get pregnant in order to have ALL of the abortions? “

  • A Bad Day for Fat Liberty
  • – “And liberty, everywhere.

    In Dundee, Scotland, fat kids from a non-neglectful household are being put up for adoption by the state because their parents failed to ‘slim them down.’


  • Pink Is For Girls!
  • – “That the association of these colors to gender is fairly recent did not stop evolutionary-psychologists from arguing that women innately prefer pink, what with the need to find ripe fruit in those long-gone gathering days when the menz went a-hunting and the wimminz a-gathering.

    Of course the color pink means that fruit is not ripe yet, in almost all the cases I can think of. But facts never ruin a good story!”

  • Reflections on the Racialicious Roundtable
  • – “I always avoided men who wanted to “experiment” because it made me feel more like a science project than a human being.”

  • Tony Abbott, family man
  • – Spit. Indeed.

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