Otterday! And Open Thread.

Today’s otter, who lounges just like my cat Bingley, was shared on flickr by Brian Gratwicke.

North American river otter (Lontra canadensis)

Please feel free to use this thread to natter about anything your heart desires. Is there anything great happening in your life? Anything you want to get off your chest? Reading a good book (or a bad one)? Anything in the news that you’d like to discuss? What have you created lately? Commiserations, felicitations, temptations, contemplations, speculations?

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  1. Awww, sweet otterling.
    I found this bizarre literary story (via mimbles on FB) quite entertaining, in a “how on earth did he think he’d get away with it?” fashion (answer, I guess, is that he’d got away with it up until now with previous essays etc) –
    James Bond’s words live twice in plagiarised novel

    Publisher withdraws Assassin of Secrets by QR Markham after readers uncover host of material copied from other novels including 007 stories

  2. I had one of those awkward moments today while standing at the sink with my SIL (at a 40th b’day party). My SIL is pregnant and friends of hers were leaving and somehow got into a conversation about pregnancy – I think one of them asked permission to touch her bump for luck (points for asking). Then one of the friends commented about my pregnant SIL being able to ‘eat like a fat woman’. Now I’m pretty sure I’m not invisible, so there I was an obviously fat woman standing next to my pregnant SIL wondering what the hell they were talking about. I ate very little today because it was hot, I was busy, and I didn’t feel very hungry. Likewise my SIL was busy so she had lots of small snacks throughout the day. But somehow I didn’t think that was what this woman meant when she made her comment. I didn’t say anything, because I didn’t know the friends and I’m not sure my SIL noticed. But I’m still wondering WTF she thought she meant. But apart from that I had a really good day, everyone thinks my kids are lovely so if nothing else they should have good acting careers ahead of them because they have everyone fooled. Someone else is doing the last of the washing up and the kids are finally asleep.

    • Mindy, that does sound awkward. I don’t have anything useful to add though, which is why it’s taken me this long to say anything. I totally understand why you didn’t end up saying anything yourself, but also why you sorta wanted to.
      Glad the kids kept up the performance art for you though 🙂

  3. Ugh Mindy! It’s moments like that I imagine a cartoon cream-pie-in-the-face scenario. A friend of my sister used to make comments like that – she was the smallest girl in the room and she’d go on about feeling ‘fat’ and it appeared to just be her getting reassurance from others while not caring if she made those same people feel bad. Frown. Glad someone else did the washing up!
    Writing final essays, wrangling with Constitutional interpretation, free speech and Stanley Fish and all of a sudden was having extreme dental pain! Luckily TBO drove me to the shops and we were able to find a Medical Centre open on weekends so I could get a script for antibiotics and grab painkillers and numbing gel! I just need to get through the next eight days without having to have major dental work done!

  4. Boo to major dental work and pain. I hope that it isn’t anything too nasty and you can get through okay.

  5. Absolutely double plus ungood to dental pain! Hate it. ***best wishes*** to doubleantandre for major improvements in time for the finals!

  6. Tigtog has really outdone herself this weekend and moved the Cast Iron Balcony to its new home: If anyone has the time and inclination, I’d love it if people could go there and report any remaining issues – I’ll be popping the cork and sending the virtual housewarming party invitations tonight or tomorrow if all is well. Many thanks and huge props to Tigtog!!

  7. Well the teeth are being kept under control with the assistance of pharmaceuticals – wrestling an essay into submission (as always I find more things I want to read, and have to actively resist turning it into a thesis – now face the challenge of linking obscenity, blasphemy, censorship, classification, the legislation founding the ABC and political approaches to free speech in the last say 400 words available – and the last say two hours available – before the conclusion. Lucky I enjoy a challenge.)
    Visited your new ‘home’ Helen, congrats. Look forward to the ‘housewarming’. 🙂

  8. Submitted! One course down, one to go.
    So very tired. Had to raise something difficult with TBO yesterday. I love him dearly, however he’s very methodical and at times can kind of ‘railroad’ me into doing things his way. I’ve been growing more and more frustrated with ‘corrections’ or with not being heard on a challenge to how things ‘should’ be done. And discussing it yesterday I found that he was not really engaging with what I was saying. However I was pleased that when push came to shove I did stick up for myself. I did tell him what was peeving me, I did raise my voice when I wasn’t being heard and I did express anger and frustration (normally I’m all ‘Oh…there’s a thing you do, it annoys me, but you know…I’m tired/not perfect’ etc with anyone that I have an issue with).
    I have FINALLY got acknowledgment that I did not commit academic misconduct, though circuitously and bizarrely. A letter which appears to say I DID collude and which waffles a bit and then kinda says it’s not really a big deal, let’s forget about it. Except it was a big effing deal to me. And it comes off as face saving for the Convenor and for the Department.
    They have a policy which says I’m to be contacted within ten days, and to have 15 days in which to respond to the charges, then there will be a meeting. Nope. 28 days, a poorly written letter which starts out accusatory and ends up conciliatory. And then when I ask for clarification an explanation that I did not commit misconduct, that in telling the student what I was answering I came close and should never do that for any reason (point taken) but that it’s fine. Except it’s not. My bosses tell me on their reading of the letter it does say I colluded and I would therefore need to disclose it in seeking admission. (And why’s it going on my file when the wording indicates something that the writer did not intend?)
    Anyway – frustrating. And I’ve had a couple of days away from it with the exam etc, and now I’m feeling LIVID that they did not follow their policy and I’ve had no opportunity to speak to it before they made a finding (even the finding that it’s not a big deal – I ought to have been able to address the complaint before they decided).
    It’s okay, I’m somewhat detached from it now I guess. But I want to start jumping up and down when I figure out who to do it to and how.

  9. Well…it all seems to happen at once. My uncle who has been in palliative care for the last few weeks passed away this morning. At least I got to have some time with him and say goodbye.

  10. Sheesh, doubleantandre – you have been having one very intense year. Condolences on the loss of your uncle.
    In small victories, I was just able to walk to the post office, collect a few parcels and walk back home without wearing my neck brace. Plus there was a pleasant breeze.

  11. Thanks tigtog. Hope that your neck has continued to behave!!
    Just got back from the root canal work. Was really not as traumatic as I expected. I mean it’s not FUN but no pain at all (except a tired jaw from having hands inside it for such a long time!)
    Also sent the lecturer an email about my bloody marks today. He may respond like a total turkey but that’s his issue not mine. I owe it to him to approach him first. And if he doesn’t respond/responds like a turkey then I feel okay in discussing it with the Dean.
    I then have to gently tell the Dean that the Supreme Court has held that natural justice is denied where the time frames of Uni procedures are not followed and they’ve overturned findings on that basis – while they found I did not commit any misconduct they still want to put what I find to be a very upsetting letter on my file. I believe I would have to disclose it so I essentially want them to take that letter and put it…wherever they would like, but not in my file.

  12. doubleantandre: what a frustrating/intense week! TT: sounds like the re-training of the neck has been having some success. Good luck! Mindy: ugh. Ugh, ugh, ugh.
    On an unrelated note: geez, Philip Coorey really hates Julia Gillard, doesn’t he? I know it’s been said before, I think somewhere on this blog but I don’t remember, but it bears repeating.
    I was just listening to the JJJ Hack podcast for last night (Wednesday), and John Barrington interviewed Coorey about President Obama’s visit. They were talking about whether the visit planned for June last year would have saved Rudd, and how Rudd must have been feeling, and Coorey referred to Gillard as “her” with such disdain. And they hadn’t used her name for some time, either, which made the use of the pronoun only seem even more stark – while Coorey then went on to use “him” in reference to Rudd, he had at least started with Rudd’s name.
    (To be fair, it might be that the interview was cut, and that there was a use of Gillard’s name immediately before the Q&A I’m referring to. But still: so much disdain!)
    Anyway, the audio story seems to be here:
    But the file is bigger than the file for the whole episode, so it might actually be more than what was on the radio.
    (or you can just download the episode – it’s only available until next Wednesday’s goes up)

  13. @doubleantandre – so sorry to hear about your Uncle, glad you got to say your goodbyes. I hope your Uni situation gets sorted out, I wouldn’t want to have to disclose such a letter either. Sounds a bit strange. Do you have a Uni legal centre where you could get some advice or a good friend in the industry who might be able to give you a heads up on whether it is likely to be an issue or not?

  14. @Mindy – my bosses are happy to write a letter etc. I think I would be ethically required to disclose it. And I’m okay with that. Except that the letter makes it sound much worse than it is. So either it doesn’t go on there (because the letter is misleading and because they have breached natural justice requirements) or I want the emails clarifying it to go in there as well. I just don’t have the headspace to think of how to approach it. I’m extremely angry at the way it’s been handled but you know I don’t particularly want to kick up a stink/burn bridges. Except it seems that’s the only way I get an outcome that is fair. Sigh. And the convenor flatly refuses to talk about giving me my marks.
    Anyway – going to climb into bed and read Harry Potter til my mind blanks out a bit. Ta all for the condolences etc.

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