Lol, Whut?

So I finally purchased an Ipod. I got a touch screen one because Mr 8 loves video games and it is handy to keep him amused at times. Also both kids like listening to music and what better way to ruin their musical tastes forever than to introduce them to my favourites. It also has a camera and I was scrolling through today looking to see if the kids had taken a photo of something I wanted a photo of (because of course they worked it out well before I did) and discovered that I have over 230 photos already (I’ve had this thing for about a fortnight now). Curious to see where they had all come from, I had a look through. It didn’t take long to work it out. The majority of photos are like this:

So what has made you Lol Whut? this week?

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  1. Awww!
    I have about 1000 photos on my phone which I can’t quite bring myself to delete. Thank goodness someone invented USBs.

  2. I found half a dozen photos on my work phone of the two of us in bed, no clothing visible, face down in the pillow, and eight seconds of video of me flailing with one hand in the direction of the camera. When I found it, I changed the movie file name to Toddlercam, and deleted the rest.

  3. Son: “What is that stuff you’re listening to.”
    Me: “Linton Kwesi Johnson.”
    Son: “Is that what you used to listen to when you were a hippy?”
    Me: “I was never a hippy.”
    Son: “What were you then?”
    Me: “er, kind of, I don’t know, a postpunk.”
    Son: “What’s a postpunk, like a try-hard hippy?”

  4. The record so far here has been 48 photos of the top half of Mr 4’s head with the backdrop of the toilet wall…. plus many collections of 20 or so photos of the toilet floor, or the hallway wall, or his foot, etc, etc. Cute, but not exactly the kind of thing I’ll be bothering to download 🙂

  5. My kids’ days of random photos are a few years back now, but I remember a spate of photos of the tv and of feet. My ipad recently accumulated almost 100 close-up shots of my niece showing mostly her nose.
    Mr 14 and Miss 13 were overheard discussing music in the car last weekend as follows.
    Cait: Bagpipes are cool.
    Dave: Yeah seriously, there doesn’t need to be an explanation for bagpipes.

  6. Linton Kwesi Johnson as hippy music? LOLWUT?

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