Otterday! And Open Thread.

Today’s tub o’ otters is brought to you by WildlifeRehaber on Youtube, via a hat tip from napalmnacey. WildlifeRehaber regularly nurtures rescue otters at home, and here five tiny whiskery baby otters crawl around a bathtub, squeaking.

Today’s otterday also features a Special Guest Star – this baby Giant Anteater, Hombrecito, from the Zoo Vienna, via Zooborns.

a grey baby giant anteater lies diagonally on a larger furred critter, presumably its mother. The long-nosed baby is covered with light grey fuzzy fur, with darker and lighter diagonal stripes from its shoulder to its lower back.

Please feel free to use this thread to natter about anything your heart desires. Is there anything great happening in your life? Anything you want to get off your chest? Reading a good book (or a bad one)? Anything in the news that you’d like to discuss? What have you created lately? Commiserations, felicitations, temptations, contemplations, speculations?

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  1. That baby Giant Anteater looks like a stuffed toy. It’s something about the plushness and smoothness of its fur. Beautiful.

  2. Yes, it’s just so strokeable. I’m unwinding in a holiday apartment – bliss! The weather isn’t great, but I don’t care.

  3. I’m hoping the embed code above will work. If it does, awwwwwww.

  4. Snuggles, so cute.
    Just found out how to take my ipod touch off repeat, thanks to the internet. I’m so glad I didn’t have to take it back to the shop and get the pitying smiles from the tech guys.
    [In case anyone wants to know: put it on shuffle and when the song starts touch the middle of the screen, if an icon with a 1 comes up touch the icon so it goes white which takes it off repeat and stops it playing the same song over and over]
    Although I did get an offer of ‘comin’ with us darl?’ from the young men filling up their eskies at the servo with beer and ice. They also said to MyNigel ‘sell the car and come with us mate’. I don’t think either of us would have lasted 5 minutes. But I’m still feeling absurdly chuffed that they included me in their joke.

  5. That ant eater is adorable, and there is basically nothing better than seeing a cat hug a kitten. Thanks for the dose of internet sunshine 🙂
    (TW for homophobia, homophobic violence)
    Does anyone know whether there is a link between homophobia in a society and the appropriateness of same sex touch? I know there are studies about it in Australia, UK and the US, but they are all about confirming that homophobes don’t like same sex touch (with the assumption that this is based on fear of being seen to be gay, or acting gay in any way).
    I’ve been hypothesizing which way the link goes in societies with a lot of same sex touch and a lot of homophobia. For example, Georgia, where I am, has a very touchy culture – men kiss, share very lengthy hugs, walk arm in arm, cry about each other, etc. At first I thought these were couples, as it looks so similar to what my culture sees as lover behaviour, but they’re not. I frequently feel a little like I am being hit on by women I meet (I’m not), because even among women the culture of physical closeness among friends and strangers is different and more intimate than at home.
    I’ve made one feminist, anti-homophobic friend, and she has confirmed that there is absolutely zero acceptance of same sex attraction here, and that there is a lot of homophobic violence – its expected by those who come out, unless they are surrounded by accepting, heterosexual friends (who will presumably protect them).
    What I am wondering is whether the homophobia is increased by the culture of same-sex touch (because homophobes feel their own sexuality will be called into question or there cultural traditions somehow tarnished), or whether the same sex touch is considered appropriate (by homophobes) because they don’t recognise any likelihood of same-sex attraction.
    I’ve just been noticing a trend of increased same-sex touch as we travel further and further into unquestioned patriarchal territory (It was similar in Italy and Micronesia).

  6. Keira: I’d say there isn’t a correlation between same-sex touch and homophobia, exactly for the reasons you outline – in some cultures, same-sex touch is “forbidden” because it is seen as having sexual overtones, while other homophobic cultures do not regard same-sex touch that way at all.
    I suspect what might be more interesting is trying to figure out what kinds of touch are “innocent” in each culture and why. I think Anglo (UK, US, Aus) culture has very little innocent touch – almost touch-phobic. On the one hand, it’s good as it’s more respectful of personal boundaries, on the other hand, I feel it’s a kind of denial of the physicality of humans. (see also: disgust at breast feeding)

  7. Good news: we got our son a (seemingly!) nice childcare place in a desirable location.

    Bad news: now we need to move there.

    Argh, rental hunting argh.

  8. Good luck with the rental stuff Mary, hopefully easier than getting the childcare place.

  9. Twenty-one days until my book manuscript is due. I think I can count on getting four of them for writing. I am so screwed.

  10. OMG the cute! Improved my week sooo much.
    @Keira, yeah it’s weird what signals what in different cultures. I wish hugs were more acceptable up here in New England.
    I’m sorry orlando. Do you have beta readers on call? Have you heard of Written Kitten? I’m hope whoever will give you an extension for quality work… good luck!
    This week I’ve been trying to navigate the line between doing what makes me happy and being an informed, useful individual in the world. In the process I rediscovered my love of reading and now have two new Pratchett books to read!

  11. Mindy: probably, but sadly figuring out the fate of the existing place (that we own, with a mortgage) will be very effortful.

  12. Twenty-one days until my book manuscript is due. I think I can count on getting four of them for writing. I am so screwed.

    Do you mean that you’re feeling relaxed, blissed out and happy that you have the four days that will easily be enough, because that’s how screwing makes you feel?

  13. Sorry, Mary just assumed you were moving from one rental to another. Mortgages etc are a whole new complicating factor. Good luck with it all.

  14. Hey, just a note about the front page – when I load it on my iPad, the articles are all waaay over to the right, there’s only background on the left. Once you go into an article it’s all fine, but the front page is wonky!

  15. Rebekka: I can’t replicate that with Safari on a low-end iPad: the homepage looks perfect from here. Hm.

  16. I had that problem a few days ago, but when I refreshed the page it was ok.

  17. I’m looking for a third job. It’s quite exciting. It’s exciting because it means I have two jobs already. (Two badly-paying jobs that require a third one to live, but still.) Life is pretty good.

  18. Mine’s iPad 2 and has the latest software loaded as of a week ago…

  19. So many things to do, so little motivation to actually do them. Must not fall asleep and drool on paperwork and keyboard.

  20. Our (that’s the British one for the people who don’t know me) are having another go at the disabled and ill, mental or otherwise. Living in constant anxiety must be good for us or something.

  21. Nick – Yep, we live in scary times. It worries me that we’re having to fight so hard to keep what limited provision there is. I mean, of course people with cancer shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to get financial support, but actually no-one should. The whole assessment system is inherently flawed and inefficient and stigmatising.

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