Quick Hit – 15 Interesting things about vaginas

This article is partly spruiking the author Lissa Rankin MD’s new book ‘What’s up down there? Questions you’d only ask your gynacologist if she was your friend.’ which I have not read, but might see if I can track down. The author also mentions that there was a previous article on 15 things about sperm that was apparently fine, but this article about vaginas only lasted a hour before being taken down after complaints. Read it and see what you think.

Warning: I have changed the title of this piece which was originally “crazy” so please be aware that ableist language is used in the piece and also one of my pet teeth grinders ‘vajayjay’.

ETA: now with added link. You would think something published in Psychology Today could have used less ableist language, or am I being naive?

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  1. For an article about vaginas, I didn’t think it was all that good, informative (I knew most of it already) or interesting. I also took issue with some of the language (not for the prudish reasons those who had the article pulled, though).
    Having said that, the fact that it even sparked a little bit of controversy is what I found most interesting and, frankly, depressing.

  2. Am I missing a link? I’m confused because it seems that Kareena found it?

  3. Sorry, I will go and add the link now. Thanks for letting me know!

  4. No worries! I’m glad it was not that I broked the internet! The piece was OK, but I’m with Kareena on some of it. Also point 4 about vaginas being like socks and lost bananas just made me go ‘whut?!’.
    And as for Psychology Today, that website has been at the centre of way too many controversies over bigotry for me to feel like they are reasonable, really. I believe the famous analyse-fanfic-for-making-claims-about-heteronormative-lizardbranes person got published there, along with beauty-is-white-only-evolution-sez dude. There’s some reasonable stuff there as well, but it’s far from the promised land of insights I’d have hoped for. If I were not so world-weary! 🙂

  5. Ha! I hadn’t even noticed the link wasn’t since I’d already read the article the day before and was commenting based on that reading! 🙂

  6. *there

    Leave it to me to forget to type an entire word in a sentence. *facepalm*

  7. What is going on in point number four in that list? It seems self-contradictory. I can’t parse it at all.

    If you lose a banana in a sock…it stays in the sock.

    What is that even supposed to mean??!!!???

  8. This is not about vaginas (which apparently only het women have) at all. It’s about why PIV sex is the only sex there is and why you should be doing it. Nothing about the risks attached to PIV.
    It would be nice if it was based on the assumption that all women are not fucking idiots, but hey, at least now I know I shouldn’t stick a pair of pliers up my vagina, ever. Thanks for the heads up, Lissa.

  9. Also, don’t shave in case you lower your chances to lure a man with your vagina smell. Because men are helpless against those sexy sexy hormones (your honour).

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