Finding the traditional Nativity disappointingly low on killer metal robots from the future?

I don’t know of any shows happening in Sydney that are quite like Terminativity right now, and I’d so love to go. Sometimes I really wish I lived in Melbourne – the preview is tonight.

poster showing a typical Xmas card scene of Joseph leading the donkey carrying Mary to Bethlehem, behind them stands a Terminator robot

He said he'd be back. He didn't say how far back

Silent night. Too silent.

If you’ve always found the traditional Nativity disappointingly low on killer metal robots from the future, we’ve got just the Christmas celebration for you! Returning in an expanded form after last year’s triumphant premiere,The Terminativity takes the Greatest Story Ever Told and adds time travel, a Terminator T-800, a police manhunt, lasers, pitched battles, a handful of catchy tunes and much, much more….

Nick Caddaye and Casey Benetto (Keating, The Musical) combined their talents last year to produce a panto for the 21st Century, and this year they’ve added loads of new material to make it even more ridiculous. It stars some of Melbourne’s favourite funny people, too. 4 shows (one just added due to popular demand) Dec 19, 20, 21 & 22 at Bella Union at the Trades Hall, Melbourne.

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  1. I have tickets to tomorrow night! I’m so excited. That and some of my biggest comedian-crushes will be there too, some performing, some just hanging about.

  2. It was really really really really awesome
    This is the best song from the show, but not the catchiest. I’m still finding myself singing the catchiest song almost a week later

    • Bec, glad to hear that you got your money’s worth as a punter!
      I might just have to make the trip to see it if they do it again next year.

  3. Well if you do, we’ll definitely have to catch up before or after the show 🙂

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