Otterday! And Open Thread.

Our Hogmanay Otterday is hosted by this lovely sunlit Asian small-clwed otter, snapped and shared by sarniebill1 (Nigel Wedge) on flickr.

thoughtful-looking otter on green grass, goldenly sunlit from the side. There is part of a fish near the otter's front paws.

This week’s bonus critter is a pygmy African hedgehog, shared by Adam Foster.

a tiny, incredibly cute african pygmy hedgehog peers out from a tiny purple tunnel

Please feel free to use this thread to natter about anything your heart desires. Is there anything great happening in your life? Anything you want to get off your chest? Reading a good book (or a bad one)? Anything in the news that you’d like to discuss? What have you created lately? Commiserations, felicitations, temptations, contemplations, speculations? Is anyone baking black bun today?

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  1. Shoelace tying otter shared by Chris Clarke on twitter.

  2. Because my son is a bit of a late talker (according to my mother’s diaries, much like me) I haven’t had the chance to share cute toddler-talks-about-nursing stories much.
    Anyway, he was asking for yo-yay (his word for yoghurt) and I said he could have milk instead since he might go to sleep that way. And he turned straight around to his dad, glowing, and puffed out his chest and signed “breastfeed” to him to share the good news immediately. SO CUTE. (No he didn’t go to sleep.)

  3. I have nothing much to add, except Happy New Year, and a video of a cat playing Fruit Ninja on an iPad.

  4. I leave 2011 with a sentiment modelled by a cat who is not mine, but who appears to be her identical twin:

  5. @lauredhel – Oh. My. God. My life is changed.

  6. Sopranos marathon until midnight. Happy New Year everyone.

  7. Happy new year, all. I’m thinking a Coogee meet up again on the fifteenth; what do you reckon?

    • Strictly speaking I’ll be in the process of returning from AdaCamp, and Mary will be staying down south for a Linux thing, but yeah.

      • This shouldn’t stop others from gathering if this is the most convenient date for the rest of you, btw. Just I won’t be there, and I’d have to swallow my bitter disappointment and linger droopingly (with deep sighs and meaningful silences) until the next gathering … [/guilttrip]

  8. It’s not been a good year for me and mine, so I applaud Samoa’s decision to make 2011 a day shorter than it had to be.
    Better new year everyone.

  9. Welcome to 2012! We celebrated with sparkling, larb, Skittles+M&Ms and Firefly. I think it’s our fourth NYE running at home and I have to confess that I’m looking forward to next year’s actual plans already (husband’s office has a fireworks view so we will take our son to see the 9pm ones).
    In other news, don’t organise a meetup around my availability! I’m out for Jan basically, with housemoving and travel. I figure I’m back in business for an equinox catchup… tigtog’s drooping and sighing I can’t help you with though.

    • Yes, happy 2012 to all of you! We had planned to take advantage of mr tog’s office building with a harbour view for the fireworks too, but this year we just felt too knackered, so we had a quiet one instead. I thought I’d lost my smartphone in the supermarket, but eventually found it hiding in the car instead (hurrah) so now I can call my rellos with the new phone numbers and wish them a HNY as well.

  10. Fireworks in Melbourne: They accidentally SET FIRE TO the Arts Centre spire!!!!


    HNY to everyone at Hoyden.

  11. We should totally have an equinox gathering, and I’m sorry, you two, I was just thinking about when some of our overseas Hoydenizens would be in Sydney, not when some of our Sydneysiders would be elsewhere!!
    Anyway, I’ve got a Coogee meet up organising thread at my place.

  12. This is the first news story I’ve seen about a proposal in public getting rejected. Of course it’s all about his humiliation, nothing about how she must have felt running out of the stadium with the crowd booing her.

    • At least it looks like he hadn’t necessarily planned to do the big public proposal, he just took the chance when the Mistletoe Cam landed on him and went for it then instead of waiting until after the game at dinner or whatever. Unless that was actually part of a really elaborate plan, seeing as the lady with the mic just happened to be there – in which case ewww applying the pressure way too hard and she’s well out of it.

  13. Public proposals are such a pressure tactic. On his account, I find it hard to feel anything but Schadenfreude, but I feel bad for her. At least a few of the comments share my sentiment.
    (Bizarrely, a few seem to think the two of them staged it, although to what end escapes me).

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