Whoydensday: Knitting the Tom Baker scarf

We’re now past the halfway mark with my Doctor Who knits. (I know, I know, but I can’t make Doctor Who knits forever… or can I?!?!?!) On this occasion, I bring you the quintessential knitting project for any Whovian: a Four scarf. That’s right, I knitted a copy of the scarf Tom Baker first wore as the Fourth Doctor. And, yes, I did go out and buy wool to match the colours to the original as closely as I could, not to mention the needles, and mine is the exact number of stitches across as the original. It is, however, a little shorter because I ran out of wool and also am not so much about tripping over my knitting.

A long and while multicoloured scarf with tassels arranged on a chair in an outdoor setting.

Isn’t it magnificent? This is the only one of the projects featured on Whoydensday I’m keeping for myself because why not? I am really very proud of this. You can grab the pattern for this scarf and for those he wore in later series at DoctorWhoScarf.com. It’s garter stitch all the way through (ie it’s all knit stitches) so it’s super simple, but because there are a trillion rows of sixty-six stitches it does take a while.

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  1. Gorgeous!

  2. Oh, you finished it! It looks marvelous, well done! At the Doctor Who Spectacular last Saturday I saw a couple of Tom Baker scarves, but this one is just too beautiful. (Also, I dressed up as a female eleventh Doctor! It was so much fun.)

  3. Awesome! Nice work, Chally!

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