Otterday! And open thread

These snuggly otters are brought to you by The Daily Squee, via a comment by Julie on the last Otterday thread.

Two baby otters, snuggling

Two baby otters, snuggling

Please feel free to use this thread to natter about anything your heart desires. Is there anything great happening in your life? Anything you want to get off your chest? Reading a good book (or a bad one)? Anything in the news that you’d like to discuss? What have you created lately? Commiserations, felicitations, temptations, contemplations, speculations?

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  1. Having a quiet afternoon at home after a morning by the seaside at Cronulla. mr tog had a wedding to officiate over, so I sat in the cafe by the pavilion and listened to the waves and the seagulls. Most pleasant!
    Have just realised that it’s Beppie’s grogblog! Eek! Off I go!

  2. Have purchased new dressing gowns and fluffy slippers for the kids to keep us going until May when hopefully the heating will be fixed, watched ‘Pirates’ which while beautifully done was quite disappointing script wise, and waiting for a suitable moment to break out the birthday candles and sing happy birthday to Miss 6. Not a bad day all up.

  3. We got back yesterday from a lovely holiday down South, spent largely lying around reading books, punctuated by occasional bouts of lying around playing UNO, punctuated by very occasional bouts of sitting around enjoying lunch.
    It was the first time the Lad brought a friend away on holiday with him, and to my relief that went really well! We’ll definitely try to do that again in the future.
    In other news, the new highway bypassing Mandurah was a great boon, reducing the spoon-suck of the trip massively. And our new trailer behaved admirably. (There was just no way we were shoehorning two adults, two children, a Labrador, my mobility scooter, bikes, and luggage into the car, roof-rack or no roof-rack. I have no idea why I contemplated it for more than a millisecond.)

  4. This transition to paid employment after five years out is going quite well, now that I am recovering from the whole Month in Hospital thing. Though ask me again in a month, when the Newness has worn off, I guess. Not a huge fan of the constant weariness that is apparently a common warfarin side effect, but it’s quite doable for me after the whole early babyhood and toddler thing Tyrant had going on.
    Also loving the Not Homeless thing, as we struggle to unpack the last few boxes and find homes for our stuff.
    Hunger Games was a highly enjoyable piece of fluff, too. Felt the true horror of the games was somewhat lost in the translation/switch of mediums, but what a joy to see a capable, feminine character on screen, who was ‘allowed’ to be violent and express her anger without the narrative suggesting she was abnormal (albeit ‘special’) or unreasonable.

  5. So excited to see Dirk Gently is finally coming to the ABC on Monday. I’m in the zone for a Douglas Adams fix.

    • It was great catching up with you and Beppie yesterday arvo, orlando. Always fun to kvetch, squee, rant and brainstorm!

  6. Sounds like everyone has had a great week! Mine’s been so-so, doing exams while sick, worrying about money. But in good news, my housemate has finally moved out and now I don’t have to put up with his shit anymore. Maybe now I can get over my slight feminist-y burnout and get back to things. Time to knuckle down for uni as well, lots of major assignments coming up.
    Does anyone have any tips for how to get out of that funk where you just have absolutely no patience or resilience for stupid misogynistic comments or anything that is intolerant/anti-feminist/anti-women/plain stupid?

  7. Spent today chaperoning 30 teenagers on a science-y field trip. I am extremely pleased to announce that we returned with precisely the same number of students as we started with. I am reasonably sure that they were even the same exact students. (The chaperones who were their actual teachers and thus recognized faces assured me this was the case.)

    Plus, everyone had fun, and no one tried to do anything potentially stupid like swing from the vines in the indoor rainforest and/or drink liquid nitrogen.

  8. @Aphie – sorry, I had no idea you had a month in hospital, I would have visited. Hope all is okay now. Good to hear you have a job and a house and are on the mend.
    @Jo – I will try to think of something, at least you now have your home space to yourself.

  9. Oh, my word, Aphie, I had no idea either! I shall be thinking of you.
    Jo, I take some space to nurture myself and have recovery time.
    I’ve been working super hard all semester, and now that some drains on my time have disappeared, I’m finding myself ridiculously far ahead of schedule. As in, I’m reading the book for the last week of semester in one course and we’re only halfway through the semester. So I am slightly stunned and looking forward to some space for just doing paid work and house cleaning tomorrow. I was going to go to the pub with some mates, but I’m actually so excited to have the time and energy blocked out to write this piece! and clean all the things! that I’m skipping it. I may have to obtain something sugary to celebrate myself, however.

  10. My week was a parabola. Monday was relatively good. Tuesday was okay if busy. Wednesday/Thursday were days of utter frustration, Friday was mostly okay except for one person. The weekend has been fabulous! I’m very much looking forward to the public holiday this week.

  11. Chally, Mindy, no worries, thanks for the thoughts.
    Had a quite painful ‘stitch’ in my upper left side that turned out to be a pulmonary embolism (blood clots in the lungs… On both sides!) V. Glad I called the free health hotline, took their advice and went to Emergency, despite feeling a bit silly.

  12. @tigtog @orlando It was great to catch up with both of you, too! Thanks for coming along!

  13. Weight loss fail. My clothes are looser, somehow I’ve grown 1.4cm and put on two kilos. Not sure how that works but anyway. At least my blood sugar levels are within the okay range. #diabeetus

  14. Mindy: if you weigh more but your clothes are looser, could you perhaps have gained muscle? (if you weren’t weighed on the same scales, that could also be it). This is why I dislike BMI so intensely, weight is not a useful indicator of health unless you weigh too little. And our culture has this ridiculous idea that muscle is masculine, when muscle can be very handy to those of us who have it.

  15. It wasn’t the same scales so I’m not particularly concerned. I told the dietician that I’m not going to pursue weight loss as a goal in and of itself, but that if in modifying my eating to get a more balanced diet and control my BSL and doing more exercise weight loss happens then all well and good. She was a bit startled, but supportive which I’m taking as a win. I might drop off some HAES info next time I am there.

  16. I almost missed the glorious biopic of Shirley Bassey on the ABC (didn’t see it advertised at all) but luckily stumbled over it on iview. It’s only available for three more days, so do hurry if you missed it too. It stars the sublimely talented Ruth Negga, who I worked with in Dublin (yes, I plan to milk that all I can, as she becomes more and more deservedly famous).

  17. Today in Twitter why do I bother – why are some people just arseholes when it would be so easy to reply to your tweet with a ‘yeah I know that’? Fuck that shit.

  18. Then they tweet you that it wasn’t you at all. Maybe it’s time for bed.

  19. In other news is anything on Greys Anatomy even remotely like it is in a hospital? Maybe I should stop watching that too.

  20. I haz the DVD of “Outland”, available at your local ABC store for $30 or online. Squeee!!!

  21. Also, I have now watched Dollhouse, and I would like to say; Dear Joss Wheedon, you haz ISSUES with women. A large part of which seems to be your insistence that you don’t, whilst producing things that suggest no, really, you do! If I never see another of his placid, doe-eyed, larger than Hollywood average female characters horribly slaughtered by mischance-ish circumstances it will be too soon.

  22. Ooh, potential spoilers, sorry!

  23. Yes, I’m reaching the conclusion that Joss Whedon’s feminism is better than average for a male Hollywood creative type, but I don’t think he’s passed Feminism 102.

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