Femmostroppo Reader, April 23 2012

If you follow me on Twitter, you may have already seen these.  Items of interest come across recently in my feed-reader or via twitter (please consider following some of the bloggers/tweeters). What did I miss? Leave your own interesting links in comments. Shameless self-promotion entirely welcome!

Disclaimer/SotBO: a link here is not necessarily an endorsement of all opinions of the post author(s) either in the particular post or of their writing in general.

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  1. Seen the latest bit of Bettina Arndt bile yet? Some criticism here and a link to the original.

  2. I am so angry at life — or, more specifically, the Arizona state legislature. I ranted about its newly approved bill that determines what information schools may provide based on “the state’s strong interest in promoting childbirth and adoption over elective abortion.”

  3. The seventh annual <a href="http://tinyurl.com/BADD12)Blogging Against Disablism Day is on Tuesday, 1st May! Please tell everyone – it all depends on bloggers spreading the word.

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