Blogging Against Disablism Day – link round up

May 1st is Blogging Against Disablism Day. Diary of a Goldfish has an extensive link post with lots of great reading handily categorised.

Why feminism hasn’t taken on disability issues yet from One Survivor to Another
Why feminism isn’t ready to take on disability issues – because white, cis, able, middle class feminism is still failing at intersectionality.

Carers welcome disability insurance scheme.
Carers have waited a long time for this, now it seems that it is finally here.

Abbott pledges disability support.
Opposition Leader supports the NDIS.

National Disability Insurance Scheme to start in 2013
Media release on the details of the start of the NDIS in 2013.

One from the archives Quick Hit Allie Brosh’s “Adventures in Depression”
Allie Brosh’s excellent pictorial of dealing with severe depression and living to tell the tale.

I read an interesting article today written about where the NDIS is potentially going wrong, and things it hasn’t taken into account. I can’t remember where I read it now, but if that rings a bell with you, please drop the link into comments. Thx.

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  1. *headdesk* thank you bluntshovels it was that one. The same one Tigtog emailed to me (and others) earlier today. *shamefully slinks off*

  2. Thanks for posting this list of links. I’m ashamed to say that I was almost completely unaware of disability issues until I got sick in 1990. By 2000 I was too sick to work and had to file for long term disability benefits (I’m in the USA). And after all these years I still struggle daily with eradicating all the ablist messages that are stuck in my head.
    Disability issues are complex and are often overlooked — thanks for blogging about it!

  3. That’s a great list Mindy, appreciate your efforts to bring to light issues faced by those who deal with any form of disability. Everyday I see my grandma struggle with her neural disorder and know how difficult it can be to get through each day. It can be so inspiring to read about people who fight it out with courage, slowly inching towards their goals and don’t let their disability become the focus of who they are.

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