He’s talking about his bank balance, right?

There is a new diet book on the market called 6 weeks to OMG. You can google it if you like. Personally I’m fairly certain that he is talking about starving yourself to get thin, but I’m not going to spend any money to find out for sure.  Apparently it all checks out on PubMed that skipping breakfast to make your body burn fat, fruit stopping fat loss, etc etc is all true. Personally, I’m going to continue eating foods that I enjoy, that nourish me, and occassionally I’m just going to eat something because it makes me happy. I’ll never be skinny but I won’t be miserably contemplating another skipped breakfast, low blood sugar, crankiness, and a complete lack of fruit in my diet because I know for sure, for me, that that is not going to make me happy even if by chance it did make me skinny.

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  1. Eyeroll. Some of the solidest evidence associates longevity with breakfasts and fruit’n’veg. (Also dental care, wearing a seatbelt, sleeping enough, etc.) But none of these will shrink you short term like a fad crash diet will.
    From the Amazon blurb: “broccoli carbs can be worse than those from Coke.” *snort*
    He also recs a cold bath first thing in the morning. HAHAHAHA no.
    Marianne Kirby tackled the “Get skinnier than all your friends” tagline here in the Guardian.

  2. Apparently he has worked with lots of celebrities though! We know that works because they all look so glamourous on the red carpet. As long as we ignore the fact that magazines make money out of which celebrity is too fat or too thin this week we can all pretend that this will work long term without any adverse health effects.*

    *adverse health effects from starving yourself thin, rather than naturally being thin

  3. You know, cutting off my left leg would also cause me to lose a lot of weight. It would, strictly speaking, achieve results (and probably fatal blood loss).

    Somehow, I think that instead, I will finish my glass of water, take a shower, and continue to not give a fuck.

  4. TW: medical fail, body shaming, dieting etc.
    Any “lifestyle plan” that involves cutting fruit and broccoli out is not for me! I haven’t been this perturbed about a new diet since that anaesthetist started campaigning for people to cut out fruit, lest they show up on his operating table with signs of adipose tissue!
    (for a refresher: http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/fruit-cops-a-bruising-20111105-1n1fa.html)

  5. fruit stopping fat loss

    How come no one told me? Here I am, having not eaten fruit for the last ten years or so*, and yet still fat! Apparently my body did not get that memo.
    *I suffer from fructose malabsorption and various individual fruit allergies. This is not my idea of a fun time.

  6. Oh the ridiculousness of this all. I would rather be happy and eat what I like (and I know that I eat mainly good foods anyway, because my mum was all carrot-sticks-for-school-lunch!) and have some chips whenever I feel like them and keep eating buckets of vegetables and fruit (oh no how evil!) than stick myself on such a diet and try to force my body into a weight it doesn’t naturally fall into. Screw you, diet books.

  7. Yes, but don’t you understand that once you stop doing what you think makes you happy, and start doing what other people tell you will make you happy, then they will have your money you will have achieved success?

  8. Oh. It think you have just enlightened me. I shall start starving and shaving my legs then. And better hurry up looking for a husband, I’m already 20 and all the good ones will disappear soon. But then again, I can’t get one looking like this. I’ll just go sign up for some cosmetic surgery too.

  9. Oh, it’s all that broccoli that made me fat! Case closed!

  10. I have learned some interesting things about fruit juice – it’s really not that good for you if you buy it bottled, and yes, the effect on your teeth and pancreas will be similar to soft drink if you overdo it. Dried fruit can stick in the teeth and cause decay like lollies do (Sob!) (Although increased brushing/flossing could fix that.) Fresh whole fruit, however, is a whole other thing. And green vegetables?! These people might think they’re doing something good for themselves – until they find themselves with colon cancer. I hope the diet includes some kind of fibre.

  11. who would have thought that cutting out entire food groups could result in short-term weight loss?

  12. Last I heard, skipping breakfast was a method used by sumo wrestlers who want to bulk up.

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