Otterday! And Open Thread.

How’s your Saturday going? Our open thread today is hosted by this adorable wee ottercritter, via The Daily Otter.

adorable baby otter in a rocky enclosure, reaching up toward the photographer with its pink left paw, and looking quizzical

Please feel free to use this thread to natter about anything your heart desires. Is there anything great happening in your life? Anything you want to get off your chest? Reading a good book (or a bad one)? Anything in the news that you’d like to discuss? What have you created lately? Commiserations, felicitations, temptations, contemplations, speculations?

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  1. OMG everyone, this is the last Otterday before I hand my PhD thesis in. We’ve already had the last Friday, now the last Otterday, soon the last Sunday Singalong (if Blue Milk — or any other Hoyden but if I had to guess I’d guess BM — is stepping up this week).
    Adding some last-push PhD otters:

    River Otter Swimming in Circles II by Michael Bentley

    Wilford goes for a swim by Bill Bouten, CC BY-SA

  2. Here’s a FB update from a FB friend (via blogging) who is a separated parent and recent cancer survivor.

    Trying to clean [ex]’s house as well as my own. He won’t clean or permit a cleaner. Not fair to the children to have to deal with the squalor. Can’t exactly afford regular cleaning ‘staff’ at either residence. Get a bit dizzy with the effort. Taking iron tablets and hoping it passes.


  3. Oh Wow! Mary, that is so exciting! I’m amazed you’re still posting, I’m pretty sure this close to my submission I was on the phone to my mum whining tiredly about how nothing in the thesis made any sense any more (her sage advice “That means it’s time to submit” – she worked with PhD students herself, in case you’re wondering how she gained that sagacity).
    Helen – oh, that’s heartbreaking. F*@^ the patriarchy.
    I’m cheered by the prospect of Eurovision (you have all seen the Buronova Grannies, right? They could be the Sunday singalong!) and John Scalzi as part of his ”SWM is easiest game setting” wrap-up apparently tweeting THE MATRIARCHICAL HOMODARKOSPHERE WANTS ME TO TELL YOU I AM NOT THEIR PUPPET.

  4. I’m somewhat shocked by all the snide remarks in the media about the Buronova Grannies. They were a highlight last night for me. They might not be the world’s greatest singers but they were having fun – but I guess when you’re old you’re supposed to be invisible. That’s something I’m becoming more aware of as I deal with elderly parents and reminds me of a doco recently following newly graduated doctors in the UK who were deciding on their future specialties. One otherwise delightful young woman explained her choice to work with the elderly with ‘Old people are so cute.’ Aaargh!!

  5. Eurovision is probably a tempting Sunday Singalong target, however, for serious Eurovision fans tomorrow is Internet blackout day: the SBS broadcast is about 12 hours after the announcement of the winner.

  6. Happy last Otterday before PhD submission Mary. May it all go well.
    @Helen – I hope your friend is able to sort that situation. Your friend is right that the kids shouldn’t have to live in squalor, nor do their father’s cleaning for him and neither should former partner. Is there a shared custody arrangement mandated, could this friend bring up this situation there?
    My thoughts on Gina bringing in overseas workers – they may not be able to get Australian workers to do the sort of jobs that they need done. Not that Aussie workers are unwilling, but for people like hairdressers unless your partner works in the mines and has access to affordable housing, you can’t afford the rents you would have to pay. Perhaps some of these overseas workers are happy to live in tents or temporary housing because they can live cheaply and save money or send it home to their families. FIFO is very expensive and hard on the workers as well.

  7. MyNigel just made the River Cottage Veg Everyday Tahini Sauced Courgette (zuchinni) and green bean salad. For someone who does not like zuchinni I have to say that it was bloody awesome. Packed full of flavour and enough for a light lunch, even on a cold and rainy day like it is here today, and all round good for you. Very impressed.

    I suspect that I may be cooking dinner as he is now playing Settlers of Catan with our visitors and they are well into the second bottle of red wine and will probably soon be back for the third.

  8. EUROVISION!!! Moldova!! Oh how I adore you!!! Very cross that Israel didn’t get through – loved their retro-daggy entry. Austria were inexcusably AWFUL, and managed to offend the hell out of me even though the lyrics weren’t in English and I have no idea exactly what they were singing, but I’m fairly certain it was misogynist and horrendous.
    After 3 weeks of the horrible flu that has been going around, I then developed only the 2nd or 3rd migraine of my life, and have had a lovely migraine hangover all this week. Not happy, body! Still hasn’t reduced my enjoyment of Eurovision, my commitment to glittery Euro-tack is fierce. 😉
    Helen, your poor friend. :-((( HULK SMASH indeed.

  9. Congratulations Mary! That’s brilliant news!
    Been so busy with work and other-work and and romance and house-hunting and (sometimes, on a quiet day) living, but last night I went to the adults-only night at Scienceworks. It was brill – we got to play in the laser room, and see the lightning show, and the planetarium, and generally run around like kids without any kids around.
    @Mindy – I might have to look up that recipe, I love zucchini and really need to up my intake of vegetables. My diet of sweet tea and peanut butter toasties isn’t doing me any favours.

  10. @TAK – the only ingredient that isn’t vegan friendly is honey, but that is only 1/2 a teaspoon so you might not even miss it. If you like send me an email at here johnson (one word) at gmail dot com and I will send you a PDF of the recipe when I am at work tomorrow 🙂

  11. Tigtog: have you seen this interesting discussion on Game of Thrones, and whether its sex, rape and violence scenes are ethical in respect of the actresses involved? Beware, the comments contain a few “there are more important things to worry about” trolls (currently Turtle and Dean from Vancouver/anonymous), but otherwise they are interesting too.

    • I am having a mindnumbingly useless end of semester at uni, but it was tempered today by a lovely catch up with commenter Eden.

    • Hi Aqua, I’ve only just got back home after a few days away, so I haven’t seen much of anything for most of this week. That looks very interesting though, thanks for the link.

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