Otterday! And Open Thread.

Today’s open thread is hosted by otters frolicking underwater.

two otters, underwater, through glass. They are swimming and playing near a submerged log.

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Please feel free to use this thread to natter about anything your heart desires. Is there anything great happening in your life? Anything you want to get off your chest? Reading a good book (or a bad one)? Anything in the news that you’d like to discuss? What have you created lately? Commiserations, felicitations, temptations, contemplations, speculations?

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  1. Someone just reminded me that Matt Harding has a new-ish Where The Hell Is Matt? video out. I needed to watch that again this week. That and the internet kittens, who are growing so fast!

  2. Never had to use prescription only anti-inflammatories for period pain before. Hoping never to have to again, but I have two repeats just in case. My sincere sympathy for people who need these things often. I have also spent some time pondering how women coped, and indeed still cope, without access to these drugs.

  3. I just noticed, on the side of a box of Aldi nappies, that their icon for “suitable for both boys and girls” has the male symbol (circle with an arrow) in pink and the female symbol (circle with a plus) in blue. Is the packaging designer secretly subverting gender-colour stereotypes, or did zie simply not know which one is which? I’m fascinated either way.
    If anyone wants depressing but sort-of expected reading, the Freeh Report into Penn State University has just been released. Concludes that lots of senior people including Joe Paterno (the head coach) and Graeme Spanier (the President, equivalent of Vice-Chancellor) knew about Jerry Sandusky’s behaviour with young boys for a long time, and covered it up.

  4. Sympathy and hot water bottles, Mindy. My periods became much less painful after I started taking magnesium supplements but I’m still celebrating lactational amenorrhoea at the moment. 10 months and counting. Hurrah!

  5. @Mindy, ow. Proffers virtual chicken soup, and hopes that you won’t need those repeats.
    @Aqua, subversion would be cool; and it wasn’t long ago that blue and pink were the other way round.

  6. I forgot to offer Mindy sympathy – it’s my understanding that it may need investigation if periods only become painful later in life – because I was busy accepting her sympathy for me as a teenager. Even once I got the medication that worked, it was a race in the morning to take it before the cramps had really settled in – in that case, my stomach would shut down, and I’d bring it up intact hours later. My cope consisted of the knowledge that once the day was over, so were the bad cramps.
    Sadly, I suspect ignorance on the part of the nappy box designer (I’ve noticed other ignorant terminology at Aldi, like “hexagonal” for patterns that aren’t). There’s just something interesting going on when someone can know that two symbols represent male and female, but not which is which. I ‘blame’ campaigns for marriage equality myself.

  7. If people have had good experiences with magnesium, I’ll just point out that chocolate is high in magnesium. Sympathies, Mindy. My solution was to go on the pill and skip the placebo week. Not particularly useful to you right now, I’m afraid! Hot water bottle and a picture of Tony Abbott to yell at?
    I’m organising information workshops for our Queer Department this semester – entry-level things like “How to buy your first s-x toy”, “What is genderqueer” and “Privilege 101″. Does anyone have any experience about what sort of topics would be useful and engaging for a young, mostly GLB, not particularly political audience?

  8. I met Mindy this morning for the first time, and she is very lovely, and I am sorry to hear that your lovely self has been in a painful place. 😦
    Kim: sexual health, navigating the local queer community, relationships 101, and coming out are all topics I’ve seen young GLB people find useful in such settings, if that’s the kind of thing you’re going for?

  9. Let me join in sympathy for Mindy and send virtual chicken soup. On a selfish note, you have just reminded me I need to buy a hot water bottle or 2. Thanks!
    Oh and Mindy, would like to catch up with you IRL too if you’re ever staying in Melbourne!

  10. My sympathy for you too Mindy. I remember the first time I spent four whole classes curled up in a ball on the library carpet in high school while something I only felt could be like contractions were rushing through me every thirty seconds. And none of the office ladies would give me any painkillers, because I was a minor. (The librarian took pity on me after two hours, but it still took a long time for them to kick in). I’ve found that now the only way to do it is to pre-emptively take ibuprofen throughout the day, even though I hate doing so. Really need to go see a doctor about getting a different pill prescribed, the first one made me terribly nauseous from 2-5pm every day. I hope you get yours under control somehow.
    The Amazing Kim: it would be great if you could include something in your workshops on the asexual spectrum, especially because a lot of GLBT type groups often forget about it (or don’t know to start with) and buy into the whole “sex/desire is intristic to being human” rhetoric. Good luck for them!

  11. Thank you for all the sympathy. Once I worked out it wasn’t the UTI anymore but cramps (the flashbacks to labour with my eldest were what tipped me off!) I was able to get the effective drugs and preemptively take them. I think I will carry them around with me for a while just in case.
    It was lovely meeting you Chally, the kids were very impressed with Cardamom and Pepper. Sorry we couldn’t stay longer after you went to the trouble of making delicious looking bikkies for us. I hope Emma likes the dress. It is lovely to think it might be going to another wedding soon.
    Helen, I do get down to Melbourne occassionally and I would love to come and see Tess and the McKennas one day. I just have to get myself organised. I have already made promises to get back to Brisbane for a longer visit. Seems like I might need to go on tour! So lovely to be wanted 🙂

  12. The point of baking isn’t so much that my guests eat as it is that I am not filled with guilt over not having prepared baked goods for my guests, as I am trapped in the 1950s. In any case, you saved me from having to find more things to serve guests tomorrow. 🙂

    • Sod it – Mindy, I didn’t know you were up this way this weekend! Chally, I really must make the acquaintence of Cardomom and Pepper toute de suite (baked goods optional).

  13. We really need to have a Brisbane Hoyden meet up – Mindy, get up here!
    Chally, I am totally there with you. If I am visiting friends’ houses (especially friends living with family) I always feel the obsessive need to bring baked goods with me.

  14. *guilty* Well I was there a while ago and did meet some lovely bloggers *waves to Bluemilk, Jen, and Kath (Fatheffalump)*. I was with family though so did a quick lunch with the bloggers in between family events. One day we will have to do a Hoyden Tour and visit Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Sydney/Canberra because it really is lovely meeting everyone. Better start saving now.
    Glad that you have good use for the bikkies Chally. I must have missed that gene, thankfully.
    @Tigtog – we did a very quick tour and were nearby to you I think, if you live in the vague proximity I have associated you with, but not stopping long because we had to get home with two very tired children who didn’t sleep in the car on the way home. I dread to think what tomorrow is going to be like when they have to go back school already cranky and tired.

  15. Mindy, my sympathies too. Never had to go to prescription-only level. Goodness knows Nurofen and hot-water-bottle treatment was bad enough (never did find anything as effective as the good old hwb) – I cringe at the thought of how much more pain scrip-only meds implies.
    On a sort-of related note, has anyone used maca pills for menopause symptoms? Any thoughts on them if so? I’ve just joined the menopause club. Be very glad when the Red Menace says goodbye forever!

  16. My niece is starting a blog featuring women and science. She wants suggestions for blog names, wants something with puns.
    e.g. one of the suggestions is Vagina Monoblogues.
    Have at it, Hoyden hivemind!
    Also Mindy: I’m thinking .. BUS!! One of these days…

  17. Thanks for the great suggestions everyone! They were really helpful!

  18. I need telly advice, Hoydens! I’ve been watching True Blood, and I’m now about 5 episodes into series 3. I’m finding the violence and cruelty in the show more and more disturbing. I know some of you watch it, so I wanted to ask if it gets any worse? I can’t decided whether to keep going or not.

  19. Yes it does.

  20. @Kirstente It gets stranger and more violent as it goes along. Bluemilk is probably the best person to ask, I think she is up to about series 5.

  21. (very vague spoilers for True Blood) I’m up to season five and, hmm, I’d say season three is perhaps the most violent (although I guess it’s subjective) or at least sets the level of violence for the following seasons. Certainly, there is more sexual violence, rape, and coercive sex, which is darker than in the previously. The other thing is that the victims are significantly more traumatised than Sookie was in earlier seasons. And, this really continues in various forms through season four, although this time mainly around male victims, rather than female. So, yes, if you have reached your tolerance level at the start of season three, perhaps stop watching.

  22. Things more popular than Christopher Pyne (in this household at least) – anthrax, possibly botulism with ebola an outside chance.

  23. Thanks all, that’s helped me decide. I think part of what was really disturbing me was the trauma being heaped onto already traumatised characters, and if that continues I shouldn’t keep going.

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