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A Handy Test for Reddit Users: Are You on the Internet Right Now?

Because if you are, and if you’re talking creepy pervert talk and sharing creepy invasion-of-privacy pervert photos on the public world wide web so that you can get upvoted by your sniggering pervert cyberbuddies, then you might just end up featured on this tumblr, which was briefly taken down after complaints of posting private information were made (following publication of this Jezebel article), but then reinstated once it was shown that all information posted was public.

After all, [snark]when you are on the internet, you do not have a reasonable expectation of privacy. We kindly ask predditors to respect our right to document your arsehattery and stop complaining.[/snark]

UPDATE 2012/10/14- there have been developments:

UPDATE 2012/10/17 –
Geek Feminism | Discussion starter: Reddit, Predditor, and outing bad behaviour
Scalzi has some fairly unsympathetic thoughts.

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  1. But what happens on the Internet stays on the Internet!

  2. It’s password protected now.

    • Thanks for the link, Anna. I’m finding it verrrrry interesting how quickly Tumblr has responded to concerns/complaints over this, compared to say that law school forum years ago where some male students were cyberstalking their fellow female law students with all the women’s names, photos, class schedules and residence details freely available and for some of them becoming the #1 hit on g00gl~ for their name (e.g. Jill F). Of course times have changed somewhat, but it’s nonetheless both startling and disheartening, the discrepancy.

  3. Thanks for the link, Anna.
    Some of these men have wives and children. I don’t know why I’m surprised, but somehow that just makes their appalling behaviour seem even more appalling.

  4. I get nothing at that link. Does it require a Google+ account or something? (no will do).

  5. I don’t know whether it requires a G+ a/c or not – I’ve got one, and I was logged into GMail when I clicked on the link, so I could see it. If you’ve got a google a/c without G+ on it, I imagine you’ll be able to see it if you log into that.
    There have been developments (about to add these links to the OP):
    * Gawker article outing the Reddit moderator responsible for r/jailbait and now moderating r/creepshots, violentacrez as a programmer from Texas, one Michael Brutsch.
    * a Guardian article about retaliation by some redditors – banning any links from gawker in the subreddits they moderate.

  6. Can confirm that a GMail account is all you need. It’s a google doc, so if you can get to that through any means… Even a youtube account should suffice.

  7. A small reflection on the various outings (and on Mr Brusch’s in particular): the comparison which needs to be made with outing such people is NOT to the revelation that someone is gay or trans* or poly. The comparison which is most valid is to the revelation of the identity of a serial criminal, such as a bank robber, or a serial flasher, or someone like the Unabomber.
    The core difference between the two cases is this: in one case (the person being outed as gay or trans* or similar) they’re being revealed for something they are, something they don’t have a choice in. In the other case (the serial criminal, the Creepshot photographer, the creator of numerous sub-reddits for the encouragement of anti-social behaviours) they’re being revealed for something they’ve done, which they had a choice about. In one case, the harm is largely done by others (prejudice against gay people, against trans* people, against persons defined as “different” in our society) toward the person being outed. In the other case, the harm has already been done by the person being outed toward others.

  8. Megpie, that comparison would get a tricky fast, in that outing someone for something they have done, that they chose, could also include someone being a drug user, or part of the BDSM community, or a range of other things that may cause no harm to others, but the revelation of which could damage their outside lives and relationships. I think we need to keep the line very strictly at “harm to others”. No one has the right to have harm they are doing to others facilitated by anonymity. Now we can start the argument about what constitutes harm!

  9. “Get tricky fast”, that is meant to be. What is a tricky? I don’t know, but it sounds naughty.

  10. I was logged in to YouTube at least, but had that blank screen. I do run a lot of script blockers but usually can check what they are and there didn’t seem to be any. I can see the file here on the iPad, I suspect it has me connected automatically via settings.

    • Yeah, well AppleLock DRM doesn’t let you run all those scriptblockers, does it?
      I quite like the convenience of my iPad, but I don’t use it for anything more serious than checking email/social media.

  11. One does not simply walk into youtube with apple.

  12. Some more from Scalzi, following a crosspost of the previous link to Gawker.
    Gawker/Reddit Followup:

    Which is why, upskirt dude, when you come at me with your “free speech” argument, I am skeptical, shall we say, concerning your sincerity regarding, knowledge of, and commitment to, free speech. I will judge you if it quickly becomes apparent — as it so often does — that you haven’t the slightest idea what you’re talking about on the subject. Because then not only are you a creep, you’re an insincere creep, and you think I am as ignorant as you are, which is also unsurprisingly offensive to me.

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