Otterday! And Open Thread

Welcome to this weekend’s Open Thread! Today’s sea otter wants to know what you’ve been up to this week.

Sea Otter periscoping up out of smooth ocean waters, looking straight at the camera

Please feel free to use this thread to natter about anything your heart desires. Is there anything great happening in your life? Anything you want to get off your chest? Reading a good book (or a bad one)? Anything in the news that you’d like to discuss? What have you created lately? Commiserations, felicitations, temptations, contemplations, speculations?

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  1. This week I was lazy for the first half, and the last few days have been full of hurry-wait-wait while sorting out an emergency server migration for Feministe. Nearly done!

  2. Hiding inside with the air con on today. Not as eyewateringly hot as elsewhere but still about 40 today. Actually, quick visit to make sure the chookies have enough water, then hiding inside.

  3. That’s been my routine through the heatwave we just had, Mindy. Somehow the poor chookies came through it ok. Well, mostly ok; one’s just decided to go broody, which is a distinctly bad choice in this weather (she should be in a dirt-hole under a nice tree). We were thinking about processing a couple, so the poor dear has put herself right in the firing line.
    Any Perthites want a broody blue Australorp? No?

  4. I’m heading out into the heat to visit my parents and see all their 100 year old trees before the trees all die 😦
    Their local climate has undergone major change since 2000, it used to be a wet area comparatively. It has been significantly drier than (long-term) average most years since about 2002, so even the oldest trees with the best roots are struggling in this year’s supremely hot and dry summer. I lived there for 10 years or so and I don’t think I recall a full week with temperatures above 30°C ever. Which doesn’t sound like much compared to most Australian state capitals (in Sydney sustained temperatures in the 35 to 40°C range happen most summers, so it’s not new to me either), but it’s one of those milder areas where no one has air-con, and everyone’s insulation and home design is optimised for winter. And all the established tree stock is drought intolerant.
    It’s going to be really sad, not as sad as they are living there though.

  5. My book has finally, FINALLY arrived in the post. A year to the day since I sent the completed draft to the publisher. Tigtog, I must sling one your way.

  6. Malala Yousafzai is out of hospital. (She’ll have to go back, but she can walk out under her own power).

  7. Congrats Orlando! I’ll have to keep an eye out for it, maybe request it at the uni library. 😛
    It’s really hot here in Brisbane too, and I am running around looking at dumpy, over-expensive apartments. House searching without a car sucks.

  8. A good chunk of my week has been spent hanging out with my Dad at the hospital, which wasn’t quite how I’d planned to use the time while I and my husband were both off work, oh well!
    Adam has been doing more of our renovations – installing sliding doors in the wall between our bedroom and his study nook so I’m not disturbed if he has to work late and building the wall for our walk-in wardrobe.
    Tonight we are off to see Peter Pan at Belvoir Street theatre, Grandma’s Christmas present to the whole family. She’s coming too and we had a ticket for my dad but that’s been passed on to one of Mum’s friends, who happens to be Ms14’s English teacher this year – Ms14 is fortunately mostly amused by this rather than horrified.

  9. Mr7 got this water balloon filler in his stocking. It works. I’m thinking of buying 20 of them (when they’re back in stock) and adding them to every birthday present I have to buy this year. Childebeests filling their own balloons! This is bliss on an unimagined scale.
    Also entirely suitable for adults whose fingers are incapable of tying off water balloons (like mine).

  10. It was 44C here yesterday – too hot even for running round outside with water balloons. In fact there was a news report on a small child who was playing outside in her paddling pool in the shade and still ended up hospitalised with heat stroke.
    We have a small reprieve today (only 32! whoopee!) and then more of the same next week. I’m starting to wish I hadn’t taken next week off too.

  11. That’s just awfully unpleasant. It’s only (!) 30 degrees here and was cooler yesterday. Still, the water from the tap is tepid, not cool. Kids are playing in the shade. I hope you and everyone else who’s going through this nasty, horrible heat comes through ok.

  12. Our mission this year is to make sure that Mr Rabbit does not get his grubby paws on Australia, reverse all the great reforms of the past five years and drag Australia back to the dark ages of WorkChoices. Let’s make Mr Rabbit political roadkill in 2013!

  13. Peter Pan at Belvoir St was lovely, both audience and cast were just having so much fun, even Mr15 enjoyed it!

  14. On Fri, I was in Coober Pedy and it was 49 degrees! Thankfully I was staying in a cave. Today, I’m in Alice Springs where it’s going to be 42 later – it’already 38 at 9am. Sadly i’m having to put my partner on the first flight out of here to the uk as his dad, who’s not even 60, death seems imminent.

  15. Feminist Avatar: I’m so sorry.
    Sydneysiders, the forecast for Tuesday is now at 43°C, so we may get ours. Only for one day though, for which much of Australia may now scorn us.

  16. Gah! 43? That’s for the west, right? Not the city? That might make my plan to take the kids ice skating a poor one – it may be over-run. But then, what else is a better plan? Beaches in the Royal National Park may not be the great idea they usually are.
    Also, much sympathy to you and your partner, Feminist Avatar.

  17. Sorry to hear that FA. The malls in Alice are generally really well airconditioned it you need to escape to somewhere cool.

  18. Not looking forward to that heat on Tuesday.
    FA, sorry to hear the news.
    PZ linked to a critique of The Big Bang Theory which sums up all my reservations about the show:

    I relate far more to Leonard, Raj, Howard and yes, even Sheldon than I do to Penny. When the studio audience laughs at the mention of Battlestar Galactica, at the fact that Leonard has a bat signal, at the idea that someone would wait in line to see a new cut of Indiana Jones, they are laughing at me too. They are saying they’re better than me, that I’m silly for liking those things and that makes me a target for ridicule. When I talk about alphabetising my DVD collection, or when I mention the fact that I watch certain TV box sets on certain days according to a schedule my older brother calls me Sheldon. He thinks that because I like organisation, because I, like Sheldon, am a nerd, he is superior to me. I am proud of the things that I like. I am proud of knowing a lot about those things. I am proud of being enthusiastic about the things I love and The Big Bang Theory wants to tell me not to be. It wants me to be like Penny, intellectually inferior but far more socially acceptable.
    And all this wouldn’t really matter if not for the fact that The Big Bang Theory targets nerds as part of its fan base. We’re used to being ridiculed on TV but it’s usually by shows which aren’t aimed at us. The Big Bang Theory goes to Comic-Con, it sells its merchandise at Forbidden Planet. The fact that it sells merchandise at all says that wants part of a cult nerd following. The Big Bang Theory is the worst kind of bully – the one that pretends to be your friend and then takes the piss out of you behind your back. It will take your viewership, it will take your money and it will laugh in your face as it systematically puts you down.

  19. Sorry to hear that FA (both my parents have had to make flights like that, albeit for much more elderly fathers) – I hope he makes it in time. I second the vote for malls – or cinemas (if you have the cash).
    Our weather forecast has just been downgraded from a four day heat wave to something far more tolerable looking. So that’s a small mercy.

  20. Actually it just occurred to me that a much better wish would be that he gets there and finds out it’s a false alarm. 😦

  21. Ariane: that’s 43°C for the entire metropolitan area, harbour on out. See “Around Sydney” on the Bureau’s forecast.
    I won’t be in Sydney until Tuesday evening, and possibly later if there are any fires in the Blue Mountains. It’ll be 35°C here but it has rained once in four months, so we are at major risk from grass fires.
    Best of luck for everyone facing catastrophic fire risk tomorrow. Keep an eye on NSW major fires, all NSW fires and What to do if fire approaches.

  22. FA – many sympathies to you and your partner.
    I was supposed to be going back to work tomorrow, but I think I’ll work from home rather than go into the office. We’re a little too close to Lane Cove National Park here, plus Mona Vale Rd has been closed before now due to fire and work is at the other end of it from home. Also, I think I should bring the rabbits inside and I’m not keen on leaving 3 kids, 2 cats, a dog and 6 rabbits unsupervised.
    Went to see Dad at the hospital again today. He was so much better! His lithium levels have come down heaps. Coherent sentences, feeding himself, tremor vastly reduced, sense of humour back in play and he wanted a book to read. Also, the surgeon who did the knee op had been back to visit and had the physio getting the splint off and working on bending the knee – first try today got to about 50 degrees.

  23. Thanks all for the kind wishes. I’m now home in Adelaide, having survived the outback in over 40s all week. It was strangely amazing and absolutely stunning, if very hot! Thankfully, I both love heat and have an air-conditioned car. My husband made it to the UK and his father is still alive, but the doctors predict not much more than a week left – although who knows with these things. I’m going to the flight centre tomorrow, after I’ve checked in with work and will likely be joining him on the next affordable (for my credit card) flight. It’s slightly surreal.

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