Otterday! And Open Thread

Welcome to this weekend’s Open Thread! Today’s host is this little sea otter, photographed at Osaka Aquarium and shared on flickr by iriskh.

fluffy wee sea otter upright and half out of the water. Its mouth is a little open as if smiling.

And a bonus otter today, courtesy of me being sick of summer already. I’m guessing many of you are also, and I’m hoping you’re staying cool, safe, and away from fires. This gorgeous snowy otter is via BlueRidgeKitties in Grandfather Mountain, North Carolina.

Otter standing in the snow

Please feel free to use this thread to natter about anything your heart desires. Is there anything great happening in your life? Anything you want to get off your chest? Reading a good book (or a bad one)? Anything in the news that you’d like to discuss? What have you created lately? Commiserations, felicitations, temptations, contemplations, speculations?

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  1. Oh why am I even awake yet? And for the last few hours even?

    Silly brane.

  2. I was absolutely determined to get a Friday hoyden up yesterday. Instead I went to Ikea.

  3. The Boy Who Will Not Sleep has been sick on and off most of this week with a stomach bug. When he hasn’t been throwing up or rushing to the toilet he has been refusing to eat. Since he is also the Boy Who Will Not Eat and is already a bony, skinny little beast, this is rather concerning. However he just got up and scoffled a bowl of Cheerios, so maybe we have turned a corner…

    • angharad, that’s no fun – hope he feels better soon.
      Just opened Xmas shortbread for Australia Day. It might be a bit stale 😦

  4. It might be ok if it is still in the packaging. We have a tin of Xmas biscuits that we opened on Boxing Day and is still not all eaten (some of them were chocolate, so of course those got all eaten and no one wants the plain ones). They are getting distinctly stale.
    Also do I have a couple of posts in moderation? One of them had a slightly naughty word in, which is understandable. On the other hand, sometimes the browser doesn’t autofill the identifiers on the comment form and I forget to fill them in, so maybe I just thought I posted, but didn’t….

    • There’s nothing in the moderation queue, angharad. You might perhaps have posted your comments when propagation was still in flux after the server meltdown? They’re changing us over from one server to another, so it’s possible that if you posted at the wrong time it might just have got lost in the aether.

      • P.S. I had a Terry’s Chocolate Orange left over from Xmas as well. That doesn’t seem to have suffered from the delay in opening it at all 🙂

  5. I was very happy today that a debate on sexism has finally reached German mass media. This might not be big news to you all, but it was really exciting for me since so far, I mostly found sound and interesting discussions of this in blogs, and usually English-language ones. Please don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the discussions and coverage of all these important topics here, and without it I probably would never have started to even seriously think about it, but it really made me happy that there is finally some discusion going on around where I live. Its makimg it a little easier for me to go from just thinking about it to speaking up.
    So the discussion started with some news coverage about a German politician making sexist remarks to a journalist, and her talking about why she did not make the incident public sooner. Then it turned into a twitter movement, where women recounted stories of how they had been sexually harrassed/encountered sexism in their lives. And now there is this whole debate going on in almost every major newspaper and even in TV news on why women don’t speak up more often when stuff like that happens, and how this has to do with socitetal expectations. And even though there are some instances of victim-blaming (‘well, of course sexism is bad, but you know, women who dress this way/are up late drinking/etc should really also reconsider THEIR behaviour’) other articles are calling them out on it and its happening right there in the broad public! Yay 🙂
    (Well of course its sad that we still need the debate, but since we really do need it, its nice to see part of it happening now).
    Anyways, just thought I would share, in keeping with my rather newly found love for actively thinking about feminist issues and as an exercise to start discussing it outside of my head.

    • Sioury, that sounds very like the social media explosion here on Twitter last year around a talkback-radio host’s long history of sexist remarks, which has created an ongoing feminist activist group called “Destroy The Joint” (the name references the sexist remark that was the last straw). They have a Facebook page, and some of the folks in Germany might find their activist methods interesting.

  6. Battening down the hatches here in Brisbane for the “let’s catch up all of January’s rainfall in one weekend” long weekend.

    • We’ve had lots of rain here yesterday evening and today, slow and steady mostly. It’s a pleasant change in some ways, and definitely good for the garden, but the humidity is awful.

  7. You think she thinks she is? #dupedbycat

  8. Rain??? Wot’s rain??
    -in Perth, cooler than it was over Xmas, nonetheless.

  9. Bookgirl: I’ve heard it theorised that rain is water falling from the sky. I seem to remember it happening back when I was a kid, but I was very young then, and I might have dreamed it up. Sounds like a lotta malarkey, to be honest. *grin*
    (Also in Perth, and enjoying the cooler warm weather).

  10. I have FINALLY finished the cap I’m knitting for my gf’s birthday (which was in, um, December). Now to do the scarf and get the blessed thing mailed. I don’t feel too guilty though, it took her about two-three months to send mine, we’re as bad as each other! 😀
    Also did a new pic-from-scratch this afternoon – new face template and all. It has the royal seal of approval, too. 😉

  11. Megpie – d’you like Pratchett? There’s a whole section of scoffing at the idea of water falling from the sky in The Last Continent.

    This cat is not nearly as transparent nor as weightless as she thinks she is #laptopwoes

    You think she thinks she is? #dupedbycat


  12. Destroy the Joint has linked to Finallyfeminism 101 on Facebook!

  13. TKUH – Long time Pratchett fan here – been reading his stuff since about 1989 (back when “The Light Fantastic” was the latest Discworld novel to hit the shelves). I loved “The Last Continent” when it came out, and my copy is one of the Pterry books I have signed by the man himself.
    Of course, the jokes about rainfall are old ones, and often recycled for new generations. There’s a small section of them in David Brin’s book “Earth” which date back to the Dustbowl era of the USA (a prolonged drought which coincided with the Great Depression) – the one which stuck in my mind is “it’s so dry around here the Baptists are sprinkling their converts, and the Methodists are just wiping them with a damp cloth”.

  14. LOL love that Dustbowl era joke, Megpie!
    Can’t quite see it turning up in the Grapes of Wrath though. 😉

  15. Tried posting on this thread, but kept getting error 404 messages??

  16. Patty Andrews, the last survivor of the three singing Andrews Sisters, has died in Los Angeles at age 94.
    The end of an era. My mother was once in what would now be called a tribute band, where they sang Andrews Sisters songs and engaged in the same sort of performance. She was that group’s Patty and so she’ll be upset that her idol has now gone. Actually she won’t; she’s a Uniting Church minister and will consider her ‘with God now’, singing with her sisters.

  17. Mansplainers out in force today after SMH article claiming women are the ones holding each other back in the workforce.
    “But I have friends who have had this happen to them so it must be true FOR ALL WOMEN” – Mansplainer.

  18. Now I have the Boy Who Will Not Sleep’s gastro 😦 Hoping I get better before Mr angharad gets it too.

  19. Oh no, hope it is a 24hrs or less bug angharad.

  20. I’ve been rather distracted lately by developments with my dad’s dementia. He needs a long-term residential care placement, and it’s being set in motion, but it will take quite a while to actually set up to get him into the best option. In the meantime he’s coming back home and we’re hoping that daily respite eldercare will take the worst of the load off my mum so that she can have time to take care off her own health (she lives with my brother who is there at night and weekends to support them both). There’s also a temporary full-time respite care option that she can use for a few weeks every couple of months or so. I guess we’ll see whether they can cope with that level of help or whether we’ll have to settle for a less-than-ideal placement for Dad for a while until we can set up the better placement.

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