Can’t blog – rehearsing!

My singing group has our recital tonight! I’ve been warming up the pipes and triple checking my descant harmonies, while also helping my sibs pack up Mum and Dad’s stuff for a garage sale this weekend. All of which means not much time or energy for writing.

So have a montage of Riker getting his leg over a series of chairs.

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  1. Songlist:
    Summer Rain
    Sweet Dreams
    I Wish I Was A Punk Rocker
    Set Fire To The Rain
    Proud Mary

  2. Your song list is making me jealous, I wanna come and sing too! Have a fabulous time tonight, and good luck with the garage sale-ing.

  3. The Man Who Mistook His Chair For a Horse.

  4. Good luck!

  5. Riker gets his leg over… hmmm … I could never understand how that happened so often in the series when he was such a sleaze…I thought women in the future would have more taste…
    Enjoy your singing tigtog. I can’t sing to save my life, but I don’t mind joining in a bit around a campfire if there are enough other voices to drown me out.

  6. Thanks for the idea, Hoydens!

  7. I’m a Trekkie and never noticed that before about Riker! Apparently he sat down that way on ST:TNG because of a back problem and with the multiple takes often needed that was the most comfortable way of sitting for him. He also stands in a bit of an odd way for similar reasons.

  8. The gig was brilliant fun. I fear I’m going to have to do it again and again.

  9. Summer Rain by Belinda Carlisle? That is only my favourite pop song ever.

  10. I’m in the same boat… for the thing I refer to on Twitter as #thatfuckingproject. I feel like not talking about it in case I fall in a screaming heap and don’t cut it. And the stuff I’m doing is stripped back to the extent that ppl will listen to it, if I do, and go “my middle schooler could do that!” :-/

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