Otterday! And Open Thread.

This weekend’s open thread is hosted by two river otters. The first was shared by photographer khyri on flickr:

wet river otter lying on rocks, looking at the camera. It has large black webbed feet.

The second, shared by ChiPhilly on flickr, is hoeing into a fish:

a floating otter is holding a fish between its front paws, mouth wide open, taking a large bite

Please feel free to use this thread to natter about anything your heart desires. Is there anything great happening in your life? Anything you want to get off your chest? Reading a good book (or a bad one)? Anything in the news that you’d like to discuss? What have you created lately? Commiserations, felicitations, temptations, contemplations, speculations?

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  1. Oh, thanks for sharing that, tigtog!

  2. Oh, meant to post this yesterday – on Friday night I saw the sweetest little terrier tied up near the top of the travelator at my local shopping centre. As I came up the travelator to the point where I could see her, her ears perked up and she looked excited, and then she realised that I wasn’t Her Human, and she pointed her nose to the ceiling and howled like her little heart was broken. Then she saw another head coming up the travelator behind me, and perked her ears up excitedly until she realised that again it wasn’t Her Human, and she howled again.
    I stood there for a few minutes, watching her perk up/droop in disappointment/howl several times, because it was just so enchantingly pathetically cute. I had to go home to cook the steaks I’d just bought, so I didn’t get to see her eventual ecstatic reunion with Her Human, but I imagine it probably involved a lot of bouncing joy.

  3. The best thing I have seen today, a cat meowing underwater.

  4. Three questions I’ve asked at progressive stages in my life:
    How do they manage to put ships in bottles?
    Why do people bother putting ships in bottles?
    Whatever happened to ships in bottles?

  5. Poor kitty.

  6. Just used the backend to add a comment to the last Doctor Who thread, and discovered that the selective moderation/commenting plugin is playing silly buggers. So, shall I just say two things about the most recent episode:
    OMFG – I did not see the final reveal coming. No way at all.

    Of all the 7th Doctor stories, they chose a clip from Dragonfire? Not Remembrance of the Daleks or The Curse of Fenric?
    And cutting and pasting Patrick Troughton running from the Time Scoop from The Five Doctors looked ridiculous.

  8. Very interesting discussion on #QandA tonight…

  9. I know almost nothing about the new Star Trek movie, but this is very very funny anyway but contains lots of spoilers so if you plan to see it read this later.

    • Mindy, much as I was able to mostly suspend disbelief while actually watching the movie, that i09 snark-FAQ is exactly on the money.

  10. Has anyone or everyone seen this before?
    A good turnaround on the “friendzone” idea.
    (Comments bad. Comments very bad).

    • My GP was telling me about the disappointing stage adaptation of The Addams Family where they almost totally de-creepified Wednesday so that they could make her older, sexier and boy-mad. Having just watched a particularly cynical episode of The Nanny where Maxwell Sheffield is deliberately turning a not-to-bad musical into a deliberate turd so that the major backer can write his investment off as a tax loss, I now have a hypothesis as for why anybody would have ruined Wednesday’s character so entirely which pleases me more than my initial belief in some sort of mass delusion.

  11. I hope Lisa Loring (Wednesday in the 1964 tv series) never saw this travesty.
    Christina Ricci was already too old when they did Addams Family Values. Wednesday should be a creepy little girl not a teenager with big boobs that the producers are trying to attract young males with.

  12. A blog post at last! Louis and I spent much of yesternight sitting drinking tea and talking, and between us we got a snippet of it written up at lunchtime today. It took less trouble for the whole process of him translating into verbal language and getting it through to me, and me typing (and correcting my hideous typos, heheh) than it did to find workable pictures to make the illustration!

    Read all about it:


  13. That 3D printed food sounds vile.

  14. All the tears, all of them.
    When I grow up I want to be Helen Mirren and I want Miranda Hart to be one of my besties.

  15. Am reading Monica Dux’s What I did not expect when I was expecting and have found my new Book-That-I-Recommend-To-The-Newly-Pregnant-Or-Nearly-So. Personal anecdote mixed with historical, politically-aware research on Things surrounding pregnancy, childbirth and early motherhood, and !jokes!.
    I need the laugh, this week.

  16. I’d love some submissions from different people to the Down Under Feminists Carnival this month!

  17. Helen Mirren – yay!
    Didn’t think much of the snark about the Queen not being able to fit Oliver into her “busy schedule of waving from afar,” though. Totally unnecessary and frankly pretty damn ignorant.

  18. Mindy – love those Attractive and Fat photos! Great stuff. 🙂

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