Otterday! And Open Thread.

Your open thread this weekend is hosted by this vigilant pair of otters, photographed at Akron Zoo by David Ellis and shared on flickr.

two wet river otters stand alert among foliage, looking off into the distance

Please feel free to use this thread to natter about anything your heart desires. Is there anything great happening in your life? Anything you want to get off your chest? Reading a good book (or a bad one)? Anything in the news that you’d like to discuss? What have you created lately? Commiserations, felicitations, temptations, contemplations, speculations?

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  1. I work in radio. My PD regularly gets calls from people wondering why our station (and its sisters in other Oz cities) calls itself “classic hits” yet doesn’t play 50s and 60s music anymore (unlike 20 years ago).
    How do you tell an elderly person nicely that advertisers don’t find them an attractive target compared to younger, more impulsive listeners?
    A person that was 15 when Rock Around the Clock was a hit is now 73.
    The age advertisers covet is 25-54.
    There’s also zero chance of Big Band/Swing Era music being played on AM or FM commercial radio. The demographics are too old.

  2. This is a great story about Cristina Torre, a woman in NYC in the USA who caught a toddler who fell from a building:
    Well, when I say it’s a great story about that topic, I mean AFTER you get past the 3 paragraphs about Ms Torre’s father.
    Why, especially given the heroic narrative available about Ms Torre herself, does the story START with THREE PARAS about Ms Torre’s FATHER?

  3. I’ve just discovered what I’m saving up for over the next few months/years… [switch on hyper kiddie/squeeing fangirl mode]
    “I wanna PS4 an’ I wan’ Kingdom Hearts 3 an’ I wan’ Final Fantasy XV an’, an’, an’, I wanna huge sword like they got. An’ a behemoth of my own.”
    [switch off hk/sf mode]
    Yeah, they’re really good trailers

  4. … and now I want someone else to go in and fix that blasted link because I was sure it didn’t say that when I put it there.
    It should say this:

  5. @Jo Tamar – IKR! As if catching a falling toddler isn’t awesome in its own right, it is only newsworthy because her Dad used to be a major league baseballer. FFS.
    On happier news this afternoon we are going to try out @firstdogonmoon’s #spill game.

  6. Sad this project got up, but happy that Kickstarter have learned from the process.
    Discussed this with MyNigel this morning and we have decided that this will change how we deal with Ms 7’s tantrums. While before we have held her (gently) and told her to calm down while she screamed at us to let go we will now let go immediately she says to. We want her to know that it is okay to scream if someone holds onto you when you don’t want them to. I know she can yell loudly, I want her to know that she can.

  7. I finished my last exam today, after handing in my semester-long special research project yesterday. Definitely feeling the need for a nice break now. Though of course, I have soooo many plans for the next four weeks I’m sure I’ll be happy to get back into semester! Among other things I’m heading down to Sydney for a week to present as a student queer conference and visit the lovely Chally! I’m super excited.

  8. @Mindy, I figured the chances of that kickstarter being pulled were slim, given the time frame, so that’s probably the best outcome that could have been expected. That’s an excellent apology – I’m particularly pleased they explained their decision making process. It’s just a shame no-one stumbled on it earlier. But I don’t suppose too many feminists go looking for pro-sexual assault projects to fund….
    Thinking about the physically restraining kids thing – there’s an age somewhere where it goes from OK and sometimes necessary to unnecessary. I’m not entirely sure where it is, but I seem to have crossed to the other side of it without particularly noticing. I suspect that has more to do with good luck than good management. It has a lot to do with them being able to understand what’s going on around them, and your confidence in them not hurting themselves or someone else if you let go. And the screaming thing always went with the being held onto with mine, so it never seemed to occur to them that it wasn’t ok. 🙂

  9. I watched the first episode of the new versionseason of True Blood this week, and it didn’t entirely suck but it didn’t totally rock either. I was pleased that at least Sookie didn’t whine once.
    I plan to take any more spoilerific opinions over to bluemilk’s discussion space with Avital on Mamafesto.

  10. I’ve been thinking about the restraining thing lately with The Boy Who Will Not Sleep, who is also now The Boy Who Will Not Wear a Jacket Even When It Is 12C Outside. He’s 6 and tall for it – between him being tall and me being short he’s up to my sternum already. He’s definitely past the age when I think it’s reasonable for me to sit on him and force him to wear a jacket. But it’s tempting when he’s insisting ‘But I’m not cold!’ and I can see the goosebumps…

  11. As The Adult Who Often Doesn’t Wear A Jacket When It Is 12C Outside… I expect there are some things I will need to put up with from my children, I guess!
    I am just looking forward to the phase of parenting where I can say “no, stop that, it hurts me quite badly” and there being any chance at all that the child will stop. (Today’s issue: ever since he was a baby, he’s loved to lie on top of my face and roll around when I’m lying down, crushing my nose with the full weight of his head. It hurt when he was six months old, it’s excruciating now that he’s three and a half.) Other people tell me that the hard work of parenting, or the lack of sleep, or similar things, were surprising to them. I spend a lot of time still trying to deal with an intimate relationship with someone who is (in some moods, not all) completely and utterly indifferent to causing me physical pain.
    In other news, making reasonable progress on our February resolution to watch more TV. I’m not kidding: we set out to watch more TV. It’s hard work but we’re getting there.

  12. Sprog the Younger finished her exams a few days ago and now has several weeks off. She is spending most of her time this week on preparing her Squirtle cosplay for an upcoming con where her friends are also going as other Pokemon (and Ash). I approve.

  13. Mr11 got dressed up in my Beth Ditto dress and got up on stage and sang solo and delivered a Marvin the Paranoid Android inspired depressed jester performance in his drama school’s play on Saturday. I complained about having to watch both the matinee and the evening show, but I was kind of proud of him.
    On stage:

    • I just handed in ~12500 words of papers, not five minutes ago. Still waiting for it to sink it. I will take a week off before getting back to my thesis!

  14. @Chally Whoo hoo! How good does that feel?

    • Wellllll bigger things went down in my world tonight so I’m a little preoccupied, but I will make the effort to take the time to feel accomplished.

  15. o_O (((hugs))) if wanted Chally.

  16. Vale Mick Aston, thank you for Time Team – you are missed. 😦

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