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I promised this weeks ago, my apologies for the delay.

Here are the complete works of Shakespeare in 5-ish minutes of beautiful animation. From Aardman studios, by Barry Purves.

Video description: A puppet Shakespeare stands on stage and ‘auditions’ for a puppet Peter Hall, by miming his complete works, to music.

Pedant alert: I don’t know why the person who put up the YouTube video refers to “all 34 plays”. The First Folio (the earliest edition of Shakespeare’s ‘complete works’, published 1623) contained 36 plays, and since then Pericles and The Two Noble Kinsmen have been added, as collaborations between Shakespeare and George Wilkins and John Fletcher, respectively. Several of the plays in the First Folio are also collaborations, and Shakespeare probably wrote some scenes for a few other plays that are still extant, such as Sir Thomas Moore and Edward III. So 38 would be the closest thing to an accurate number.

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