Otterday! And Open Thread.

Your open thread this weekend is hosted by this short-clawed otter, snapped by Jez B who shared it on flickr.

an alert-looking Short Clawed Otter stands amid logs and greenery. Its head is cocked around to look at the camera.

And a bonus otter: in which otters yet again remind me of cats. Again by Jez B on flickr. Both photos were taken at Conwy Water Gardens, North Wales.

closeup of the face of a Short Clawed Otter. Its little pink tongue is partially protruding from a closed mouth.

Please feel free to use this thread to natter about anything your heart desires. Is there anything great happening in your life? Anything you want to get off your chest? Reading a good book (or a bad one)? Anything in the news that you’d like to discuss? What have you created lately? Commiserations, felicitations, temptations, contemplations, speculations?

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  1. This week I have been mostly coping with the embarrassment of my minor thermos accident and the resulting scalded chin (only a first degree scald, only hurt for the first half hour, paw paw ointment is boss). It’s healing nicely now, by Monday it will hardly be visible at all (fingers crossed).

  2. Wow TT, that sounds like quite a tricky accident. I bet you couldn’t do it again if you tried! Glad to hear it is healing up nicely.

  3. A chin is kind of tricky to run under the cold tap too, which is my first recourse when burned.

    Last weekend we made an offer on a house, but it was rejected (the owners seem to be holding out for more than the market value, and than we are prepared to pay). This week, back to square one with house hunting.

  4. I went to the snap action against the PNG solution today. For something organised in under 24 hours, there was a pretty excellent turn out. Probably a couple of hundred people there. I’m still super angry at the ALP and Kevin Rudd and wishing all kinds of miscellaneous inconveniences on them, but at least I’ve got past the helpless rage stage.

  5. Back home after my Queensland trip. 27C there the other day and 7C here this afternoon.
    Actually I prefer the 7C at this time of year. It ain’t nat’ral having hot weather in winter.

  6. Here’s the pic of my kitty bracelet, as promised. 🙂
    And for added cute, my sister’s dog Laddie (yes, as in Lassie-but-a-boy).

  7. The kid just somehow managed to delete his word document that had all the results of his science experiment that we have been working on for weeks.
    It seems impossible to have done it, but there it isn’t.
    So, despite our best laid plans, once again it’ll be stressful, a rush and generally a rubbish piece of work instead of thorough, planned and well-executed.
    I think I quit.

  8. Just home from a singing gig, and I see this:

    24. One trick to keep your hedgehog still is to blow on them gently.

    from ”40 Things We Learned At The Hedgehog Convention” at Buzzfeed. With many photos. The fattest hedgehog at the convention has her own Facebook page, The Regina Monologues.

  9. Pen, that’s the stuff of nightmares 😦
    Kitteh, the kitty bracelet is lovely – very striking!
    We have lice and lurgi in our house this weekend. But we still managed to go and see the One Man Star Wars show at the Opera House yesterday and Joss Whedon’s Much Ado About Nothing this afternoon. So not a bad weekend, on balance.

  10. We found a mostly complete version, but not soon enough to head off the trauma, alas. Do any other parents sometimes feel like they could use a few hours in a silent flotation tank?

    • Very glad to hear you managed to recover the bulk of all that work done, Pen. Poor kid and poor you for the trauma though.
      Are flotation tanks any good for sniffles/sneezes of the extreme sort? I’ve had a rough couple of days (scalded chin is going well though – very nearly entirely healed).

  11. There are lots of ways to retrieve lost Word docs, as I have had cause to find over the years. If you ever find yourself in the position of thinking you’ve lost something, don’t panic, just google.

  12. Oh dear. I may just have gone a bit hulky in one of Clementine Ford’s Facebook linkage posts. I shall have to work harder on not posting whilst wearing my tiny purple shorts, I can be quite sarcastic.

    • Well I hope you’ve made your apologies there, YAM? We all go troppo every now and then, we’re only human, but best to do what’s needful ASAP in the way of apologies, it only gets worse the longer you wait.

  13. Forgot to tape it. Haven’t managed an episode yet but have two waiting and will have to catch tonights on iview.

  14. I appear to have failed to mention that it’s Olivia Coleman who utters the line I quoted above.

  15. Also TGIF squiffy me is inordinately proud of how neatly my last line above fits into the standard desktop screenview. I happen to be watching the apposite episode of The Thick Of It, so there.

  16. I have wanted to watch it, but Friday nights are my read a book in the bath night, and not even David Tennant in rumpled cop mode can override that. And for some reason Mr angharad has not wanted to watch it, so I haven’t even been able to listen to it.

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