Otterday! And Open Thread.

One for the sea otter lovers today! This photo was shared by Wade Tregaskis on flickr.

A plump Sea Otter lying on its back at the water's edge.

But I can’t resist- here’s another river otter. This one’s by Dann H.

closeup of a sleek otter's head, against a blurred watery background

Please feel free to use this thread to natter about anything your heart desires. Is there anything great happening in your life? Anything you want to get off your chest? Reading a good book (or a bad one)? Anything in the news that you’d like to discuss? What have you created lately? Commiserations, felicitations, temptations, contemplations, speculations?

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  1. Went to a lovely lunch with workmate today to hear Emma Pocock speak. Realised that even socially I really don’t like networking. Must make more of an effort though. Out of the 80 odd women there (all locals) I knew probably 3 and recognised a handful more. Must do better after living here 7 years.

    • Brainfuzzed due to painkillers for dental problems. Not much otherwise going on.

      Simple dinner of roast chook, mashed potato and brussels sprouts with gravy. Very soothing.

  2. Another house we missed out on by the skin of our teeth 😦

    Hope the teeth sort themselves out, tigtog. Tooth problems are not fun.

  3. Still going on TT? I hope the painkillers are effective and the dental issues get sorted ASAP.

  4. Kid got his science project in on time. Damage to family relationships only temporary.

    Now for sunshine and wattle.

  5. Quiche last night – the chooks are laying full bore right now. And we’re having a BBQ today in this amazing Perth weather.
    In bad news, I just literally cut myself (knife) and rubbed lemon juice and salt into the wound (dressing the salad). Ow.

  6. Yuck, TT, hope the dental problem clears up soon. And Lauredhel, ouch!
    My partner and I spent the evening catching up with a good friend and her husband, whom we hadn’t seen for a few months due to never being able to coordinate schedules. It was a good evening.
    I’ve also been experimenting with different carrot cake recipes, and tried out carrot cake muffins with cream cheese filling. I will definitely be doing the cream cheese filling again, but I think I’ll use a different carrot cake recipe.

  7. Best wishes to all – reminded today what a difference sleep makes – for some reason I slept really well last night and today I am handling things with ease! After months of super-stress at work, it’s a lovely feeling.
    Aware that it may not last long, so will revel in it while it’s here.

  8. In a sterling moment for social justice in SFF, Theodore Beale has been kicked out of the Science Fiction Writers of America, SFWA.
    And totally coincidentally, John Scalzi is in the mood for goodbye songs today.
    (Scalzi was until recently president of the SFWA, and has chosen not to comment on SFWA matters for the next year. The phrase “gamma rabbit” is helpful if you wish to learn more.)

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