Sunday Song: Heart pay tribute to Led Zeppelin

Many of you may have already seen this, it’s nearly a year old, but I’ve only just caught up with it myself.  Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart pay tribute to Led Zeppelin at the 2012 Kennedy Center Honors with a kickarse performance of Stairway To Heaven as the concert finale. Robert Plant teared up a little bit towards the end when the choir was revealed wearing trademark John Bonham bowler hats, as was Jason Bonham, drumming in tribute to his father who died in 1980.


Lyrics for those who have somehow managed to not have them forever burnt into their neurons, and you can buy it on iTunes.

Heart are currently touring the US with their Heartbreaker tour alongside/with Jason Bonham’s Led Zeppelin Experience. Come back to Oz (I missed you in 2011)!

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5 replies

  1. Excuse me while I have a “Money or the Gun” moment…

  2. Bloomin heck Tigtog, that was something. What a set of pipes. First class.

    • Ann and Nancy Wilson have been two of my favourite performers for years. I was absolutely delighted to be assigned the vocals for their song “Magic Man” for the upcoming 70s rock show that I’m part of. Rock on!

  3. Ann sounds insanely good, Crazy on her, for sure. Break a leg with your show, Tigtog!

  4. Ugh, in riffing off “Crazy on you”, I’ve managed to be ableist. Sorry, Tigtog.

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