Xmas open thread

This is the yearly bonus open thread for Christmas chat, for Hoydens and Hoydenizens who are interested. Feel free to talk services, observances, decorations, rushing, shopping, gifts, surprises, feasting and family traditions heart-warming and otherwise. All observers of Christmas welcome if you want to chat, religious, non-religious, and observers in the sense of watching it without participating.

A Santa Claus doll mugshot
Wanted: Santa Claus, by Kevin Dooley

If anyone making other seasonal observances wants to join the thread, please do. I’ve thus scheduled it for the time of the southern summer solstice, which is one of my reasons for the season.

Once the dedicated Xmas thread goes up each year, we generally ask that the Otterday threads become Xmas-free. Xmas chat should stay here or on another on-topic thread; visit your most recent Otterday thread for other chat!

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  1. ’twas a lovely gathering tonight Chez Mimbles – nice to see you there, those of you who were.
    *thus I announce that the cryptic comment competition is now open*

  2. Pouting at the number of Sydney gatherings by comparison to Brisbane gatherings.
    Now I have a functional oven, I don’t have time or a favourable weather forecast for Christmas baking. Just as well I’d already lowered my expectations for this Christmas. I do have my red and green cardboard and will console myself playing with that. (Google “juleklip”)

  3. I got a whole heap of apricots from a colleague so yesterday I made apricot jam. Today I am going to make use of the cheese making kit I got for my birthday and hopefully make some feta cheese. Tomorrow is Christmas cooking in earnest. We have done all our shopping so we can avoid the madness of the malls for the next couple of days, although we live close enough to a large shopping centre that we can walk over to pick up anything we have forgotten.

  4. I have leftover Beppie rum slice in the fridge. Life is good. Also, there is a very impressive arsenal of water guns on my front deck.
    I think we’ve just about finished our Christmas shopping, all that remains is to collect the turkey from the local butcher and grab some veg from Woolies today. Ms15 is busking at Hornsby Mall tomorrow afternoon, so alas we cannot avoid the place altogether, but it does mean that if I suddenly remember a forgotten thing it won’t mean an unscheduled trip to the shops.

  5. We’re doing nuclear-family Xmas tomorrow, so I have just.wrapped.the.last.present (I hope), and stuffed the stockings. Need to put bread on to rise later, and we’re doing stuffed mushrooms and tomato salad and summer pudding. Yum.

  6. Purchased the last gift vouchers this morning (my family tending towards the experiences over the physical right now), which I was pleased with. Because my pregnancy is due, we’re having a couple Christmas, even our child has exited the city to stay with relatives so that we don’t have terrible childcare hassles should I go into labour. I shall miss him a lot!
    Intrastate Christmas cards made the 6pm post today, which gives them at least a chance of delivery on the 24th. I hope so, because apparently Australia Post is not doing deliveries on Friday 27th, meaning that any slow cards might just squeak in for the New Year!
    This time of year has been rough for me for several years (family deaths, illnesses, my previous pregnancy was also a summer due date, many things) and I always feel like I’m regretfully phoning it in when I’d rather not. I didn’t get to have a solstice meal this year, but we did make it to local carols, got the cards out, got a tree up, and advent calendared. (Shit, forgot to pack the advent calendar with my little guy. DAMMIT. DAMMIT.) I think we’re doing OK for a pregnancy year.

  7. Went to the store to buy dolls for a friend’s two daughters, both Asian. They had a lovely array of multicultural dolls with many skin tones, so I picked an Asian doll and then . . . scratched my head. There was only one kind of Asian doll. One of those “Wow, just noticed my white privilege” moments.

  8. Pics of cheese making here. It came out quite well, given it was a first attempt.

  9. angharad: Thanks for the pics! That’s some pretty cheese. I just got a cheesemaking kit for Xmas. Looking forward to it.

  10. I think this year the family Xmas gathering was won by my sister. Not only was her glazed ham the best so far (oranges and cloves) but she also introduced us all to Hum That Tune (Christmas Song Edition) and we enjoyed it so much that eldest niece insisted on us making up our own generic song version afterwards so that we could keep on playing it.
    The prawns and oysters were also particularly good this year, and the array of salads and desserts was abundant, so the rest of us weren’t far behind her really.

  11. Spent a rainy Christmas at home as a couple, our first couple Christmas ever and probably our last for a decade or more! No babe was born. We went for a long walk in the rain, which I love to do.
    I have had a comparatively large amount of energy for a few days which they tell me is a sign of labour readiness (my opinion: the chances of going into labour at my stage of pregnancy is so high that breathing is a sign of labour readiness), but it might also have something to do with the nearly-4yo spending Christmas elsewhere. He got a good sized Tonka dump truck and will be happy forever.

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