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Another bonus Open thread for the festive season. Are you kicking back and relaxing in our Southron summer? Are you clearing snow off your driveway in the frozen North? Have you sadly not managed to take a break for the end of the year? Are you utterly exhausted by the expectations heaped upon you during the “break”? Or maybe secretly schadenfreuding in blissful solitude while noting others’ festive faux pas?

Share your current delights and frustrations, your best/worst bits of 2013, your hopes/fears for 2014, or anything else you want to talk about right now.

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  1. I won’t forget 2013 in a hurry, is about the best spin I can put on it. But the last week and a bit has been full of promising indicators for a much better 2014 for me. Hope it’s looking as positive for all the other Hoydens!

    • Yes, this year has been a year to remember for all the wrong reasons for me. Hoping for a much better year ahead for all of us.

  2. I’ve had a good year, but right now I’m just hoping Michael Schumacher recovers from his awful skiing accident. As in, recovers fully.

  3. Mr 10 said tonight that he was so tired he had ‘baggy eyebrows’. What a great way to end the year.
    I am hoping to lose some of this tiredness soon. I think it is just end of year, OMG it’s nearly Xmas, thank god that’s over, it’s so hot etc and should abate soon.
    2014 promises some upheaval. It also has lots of potential. I live in hope.

  4. Today I finally got my Christmas present – a new laptop. Spent the day trying to figure out windows 8, whilst making beetroot relish. Now enjoying a glass of fizzy shiraz and waiting the bells, as we say in Scotland. 2013 was overall a good year, if one with a difficult death. Hoping for a good 2014 – with a new niece/nephew on the way!
    All my resolutions make me sound like a stereotypical academic – finish writing book, exercise more, drink less, paint more, read more novels.

  5. 2013 has made itself unforgettable in so many different ways. This year I’ve lived in three different places, and the second two have not been places of my choosing (the second was a downstairs bedroom at my in-laws house; the third is my current location). I still have to remember to update the AEC about the last move – if I’d been thinking, I would have done it as soon as we got here, and that way I would have had a different address for each of the elections we had this year (state, federal and local government).
    Something to grin about – we have someone who has already celebrated a bit too well within hearing distance of where I am. He was busy singing “Come on Next Year” (it’s only just 8.10pm where I’m typing this… maybe he’s on Sydney time?).

  6. This year has been stressful, to say the least. I hope everyone has a better year in 2014!

  7. Thank goodness, NYE was totally peaceful for the third year running here. Quite a few fireworks about midnight, but through my earplugs they sounded like rapid-fire farting.
    I got three hours of knitting done this morning after waking early. Now I’ve a week off, so maybe, just maybe, I’ll finish this jacket!
    Mindy – “baggy eyebrows” is a great description, if not a great way to be!

  8. The first half of 2014 is already shaping up to be very busy for me, including three conference/offsite/travel obligations, cooking a feast, and moving house. The eldest is starting high school, which is going to be an interesting experience all round.
    NYE is always very noisy here. The local council does fireworks at a nearby park. We are just over a hill, so we can’t see them, but we can hear them no problem. So we watch the Sydney fireworks on TV and listen to the local ones. I thought the Sydney ones were particularly spectacular this year.

  9. You know the idea that says whatever is happening at midnight predicts your year? Well, I certainly hope that doesn’t hold true, as midnight at my house was notable for the large, skittish spider on the ceiling of my lounge room. It remains there for the time being, which I hope resolves soon.

  10. Oh dear. I was asleep and the house was, and still is, in disarray. So situation normal then.

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