Otterday! And Open Thread

This weekend’s open thread is hosted by these two gorgeous faces, shot by Lewis Pope and shared on flickr.

closeup of two Asian Short-Clawed Otters with serious faces looking off into the distance.

Please feel free to use this thread to natter about anything your heart desires. Is there anything great happening in your life? Anything you want to get off your chest? Reading a good book (or a bad one)? Anything in the news that you’d like to discuss? What have you created lately? Commiserations, felicitations, temptations, contemplations, speculations?

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  1. Great reading via Kath on FB.
    Did Renaissance women remove their body hair?
    With bonus ‘but why aren’t we worrying about Y instead’ at the end.

  2. Bah! Someone noticed that our old house was empty (it was bit hard to avoid because we had taken the curtains down so it could be painted) and went round and cut all the copper piping off the back of the house. That was functional plumbing! Until it is fixed we can’t have water on there, which is a bit of a pain when people are working there and the weather is still fairly warm.
    My faith in humanity is slighted dented right now.

  3. Sorry about your pipes, Angharad!I’ve had people repeatedly do the same to me with things like bicycle lights at uni – I come back and they’re just gone. 😦
    Mindy, the link you posted is very similar to an experience I had the other day, where I was at a selection day for an ambassador position at uni. When another group was role-playing how to deal with a student who said they couldn’t afford to go to uni, I was amazed by just how little clue they really must have. There are so many scholarships, apparently! And Centrelink is so easy! And you can just work as a tutor for extra money! The failure to see that thins aren’t so easy for others was astounding. I wrote about it in a bit more detail here.

  4. Technology: Instapaper was working badly on Android, so I’m now a confirmed Pocket user for my long read screenscraping needs! (Background: when you see an interesting article on the web you can’t read right now, you save it to Pocket or Instapaper or whatever, and later you read it on your phone, usually reformatted as plain text.) It’s nice to be able to read things again…
    My husband is travelling for two weeks later this month, so I will have my first extended solo parenting of baby and preschooler experience. Not looking forward to it.

  5. Mary: I’m loving Pocket. It syncs all my web-garnered short stories to iPad, Kobo, and phone. Reading-reading always feels more comfortable on e-ink for me.

  6. I bought my first book for my Kobo yesterday – The Cat Who Could Read Backwards.
    It seemed appropriate. 😉
    Good news today, after much sifting through years’ worth of paper, I found my and Mum’s birth certificates, which weren’t where we’d always kept them before. Much relief, because I really don’t need to spend money and time organising to get new copies!
    Of course I couldn’t have done it without Maddie’s help. What are paper mountains for, if not for kitties to play in?

  7. It always baffles me what people will steal. When I was a graduate student someone broke into the office of myself and some other students in the physics department and stole some clocks (one of which was a cheap plastic Mickey Mouse clock which couldn’t have been worth more than $5)and the optics from a telescope eyepiece. We could only assume they were trying to carry out a relativity experiment…

  8. kittehserf, glad you found it! My husband just had to order a new birth certificate after a massive filing fail on my part.
    Relatedly, I have no idea how, but recently I stumbled upon an year-old article about the inequitable effects of the cost of Australian birth certificates on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in particular.

  9. Pocket appears to be the 21st century equivalent of the commonplace book.

  10. I have a friend, with no family in this country, suddenly homeless. The institutions in my country are silently and unspeakably cruel. And the statue of Lady Justice that we should have is only a cardboard cutout, or a very good actor. So — life sucks sometimes, and thank you for the otters.

    • Kristin, I’m sad to hear about your friend. I hope xe can find some refuge and assistance ASAP.

      • I haz a lurgy since Monday. In fact I think I may have a middle ear infection now, which is not actually entirely bad news, because if my GP confirms it I’ll feel a lot better about the spatial misjudgement yesterday that led to my car having an appointment at the panel-beaters today.

      • My doc says I definitely have bronchitis and a sorean inflamed throat so some middle ear involvement is a distinct probability although he didn’t see any clear signs of it. I’m on antibiotics for a week now.

  11. Bronchitis is hideous, my sympathies, TT. I’m on antibiotics for severe sinusitus at the moment.
    BUT I was given a Kobo tablet and wireless internet for my 40th birthday in February, so I have more options for not being bored when I have no brain and am stuck in bed!

  12. Hope you are feeling better quickly TT. Make sure you get some rest now.

  13. Thanks, tigtog. She’s gotten some help . . . I hope it will be enough. Nine more days for her to get through.

  14. Take it very gently, tigtog. Bronchitis sucks so much energy and has a nasty way of coming back when you think you’re over it.

    • Yeah. Went out to a chamber orchestra concert last night because we’d already brought the tickets, and it was over by 10pm and I thought I was fine. Totally wiped out today.

  15. Gah, yuck, that’s all too familiar.
    Last time I had bad bronchitis I was going round to the doc and I couldn’t keep up with my eighty-something slow-walking mother.

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