Cannot brane today need randoms

Grumpy Cat Macro

Grumpy Cat: Of Course It’s Monday…Does This Look Like My Friday Face?

It’s one of those days where one needs whimsy. Whaddya got? Here’s a few things I’ve seen recently:

Have a fuckyounicorn for your future use (via Reddit via FB)

A coloured line drawing of the body of a horse with a fist and a raised middle finger instead of a head.  The unicorn has a pale pink body and dark pink mane, tail and hooves. A rainbow is in the background.


Some Dark (Knight) Humour:

A series of images of a cute little kid batman - soft batman, warm batman, little ball of justice, happy batman, sleepy batman, your parents are dead

Knock Knock Your Parents Are Dead

Just generally check out the artwork of San Francisco based artist Jeremy Fish, who happens to be coming to Oz later this year.

An event promotional poster

Jeremy Fish appearing at SemiPermanent at Sydney Carriageworks in May 2014

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  1. Who Dares to Disturb My Slumber!
    Dachshund Vs. Inflatable Shark: The Epic Battle

    You Better Moooove!

    Puddle Half Full

  2. I assume everyone is thoroughly familiar with the nopetopus by now? But it’s so perfect for every occasion that I need to share:

    Meanwhile, I hunted out an advice animal for you, it’s “anti-joke chicken”:

    (More here, ‘ware that about a quarter of the jokes seem to be leading to a racist punchline, even if it is subverted.)

  3. Look Out Below!
    Actually this reminds me of a story one of my new co-workers told me. Years ago they hand raised a sugar glider after its mother had been killed. The baby sugar glider learnt to fly by flinging itself off the curtain rails onto the backs of people’s heads. But in the process it would frighten itself so much that it would wee. So you’d be walking past, suddenly get thwacked in the back of the head and then wee’d on. Priceless.

  4. This Gives a Whole New Meaning to “Round Off”

  5. No idea if this will work, but I found this to be rather amusing.

  6. And voila, it didn’t work. Gah. Here is a link, at least I can do those.

  7. Jo, what were you trying to link/embed? It’s always a good idea to leave a webpage link in plain text as well as any image/video link/embed code, because then we can do admin magic on it if needed.

    • Oops, you ninjaed me already. That webcomic image is too large to embed here while being readable, and it also belongs to a known artist so shouldn’t be embedded without permission. I’ll change your link to point to the original page on, because the artist deserves the linkjuice more than a naked image link on tumblr does.

  8. Heh, thanks for the explanation tigtog. I should really start paying more attention to the source of things I see on tumblr! 😀

  9. 80’s Awareness: you know you need it…
    If Kevin Bacon says it, it must be true

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