Sprog The Elder turned 21 today

My firstborn! *sniff*

We had an intimate family dinner out at a pizza joint in Newtown, where the sprogs had their first ever hipster drinks served in jamjars.

A pale skinned young main with long dark brown hair on the left holds a dark drink in a jamjar up in front of his face.  A pale-skinned young woman on the left holds a yellow drink in a jamjar up to her face.  They are highly amused.

Sprog the Elder and Younger at Newtown restaurant with drinks in jamjars

The birthday Sprog is the one wearing the Assassin’s Creed t-shirt.

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  1. Congratulations to Sprog, and to you!

    I admit I do not understand the jam jar thing at all. Even though I first encountered them over a year ago in a knitting blog. I think I may be too old for hipster.

  2. Your sprogs are all grown up? O_O I had no idea!

    Anyway happy birthday to Sprog the Elder!

  3. It’s time for the sprogs to start lying about their ages.
    Congratulations and condolences in equal measure.
    Very handsome sprogs. They look intelligent, too. And humourous.

  4. Thread derail: those jars don’t look like they once contained Cottee’s jam.
    Inauthentic hipster jars. Meta- hipster?

  5. Belated congratulations on keeping two human beings alive successfully for such an extended period. And on raising the kind of humans who wear Assassins’ Creed t-shirts. That makes you my role model.

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