Media Circus: Trollumnist Steals The Limelight Edition

Rhymes with jolt. (Had to search for a while to find an article without the trollumnist’s name in the title)

What news story/commentary/analysis has grabbed your attention lately?

As usual for media circus threads, please share your bouquets and brickbats for particular items in the mass media, or highlight cogent analysis or pointed twitterstorms etc in new media. Discuss any current sociopolitical issue (the theme of each edition is merely for discussion-starter purposes – all current news items are on topic!).

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  1. Is it possible said trollumnist has jumped the shark? Or is that just wishful thinking?

  2. Malcolm Turnbull was presented with a bit of a catch-22, have-you-stopped-beating-your-wife, conundrum. It seems he is supposed to just ignore claims he is pursuing the leadership to prove that he isn’t pursuing the leadership.
    I’m actually starting to get a bit conspiracy theorist about it: Bolt noticed that Abbott is not doing well in the polls and that eventually there might be leadership speculation, so let’s pre-empt. Ironically, I think this has sped up other people thinking about how Turnbull might do a better job.
    Wherever this did start, isn’t it pretty amazing that a prime minister who won rather noticeably is being talked about the way Abbott is, eight months later?

  3. I snickered last night and played the world’s smallest violin over trollumnist’s hurt fee-fees because that big meanie MT said nasty things about him.

  4. Meanwhile, Clive Palmer has made thoroughly obnoxious comments about Peta Credlin and her supposed personal interest in and influence over the Coalition’s paid parental leave scheme.

    • Yes, that was referenced in the link in the OP but I didn’t mention it seperately. Palmer is an arse but he’s a manipulative arse with a large streak of rat cunning when it comes to furthering his own agenda. It suits him to throw cats amongst the parliamentary pigeons to make the government look unstable.

  5. In other news on CP, Clementine Ford and a number of other prominent feminists have been blasted for not saying anything in defence of Peta Credlin. Clem said she hadn’t heard about it, but apparently she should have a claxxon that goes off every time someone says something about a right wing woman. Destroy the Joint did say something but you can’t expect men getting upset about something someone said to actually you know, read something before mouthing off about it.

  6. Palmer is risky, because he’s a sometime opponent of the government, and possibly more sympathetic to the welfare state as a genuine principle than was expected, people are tempted to embrace him as an ally. But on climate, and for women, nonono. Clearly.

  7. He may be intermittently useful to progressives as a “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” ally to carry certain votes in Parliament, but progressives certainly need to take care to not read into that an alliance based on a broad raft of genuinely shared causes.

  8. In other news, the discovery of a mass grave outside a Catholic Home for unmarried mothers in Ireland, holding the remains of 796 infants and children, is reigniting the rage against the long history of injustices and atrocities perpetrated by the Catholic church in the name of morality. The child mortality rate indicated by the grave is twice that of the average for children born outside marriage at the time, which was already double that of child mortality in Ireland as a whole.

  9. My desire to watch John Oliver mock Tony Abbott is being thwarted by shaped internet 😦

    (Talk about your first world problem)

  10. The end of that video is priceless,’dickhead’ indeed. Want to shake that mans hand.

  11. I’m sorry to say the gendered slur didn’t register with me: I was revelling in the moment, I so thoroughly despise Abbott now. That clip is pure gold to me.
    As for Bolt, why – why- why? are journalists discussing him as if his comments are legitimate and intelligent subject matter?
    Ditto Clive Palmer.

  12. This is a thing of great beauty and splendour…

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