Sydney’s All About Women festival + Hoyden meetup

The All About Women festival will be held at the Sydney Opera House on Sunday 8th March 2015, with speakers including Anita Sarkeesian and Rosie Batty (at the SAME TIME why why? check the timetable for clashing events).

At least a few Hoydens will be going, so I suggest we also have a Hoyden meetup at some time that day: there’s the botanical gardens, the Lindt chocolate cafe, the MCA and a few other likely venues nearby. You’re welcome to come to the meetup whether you’re going to any of the events or not.

Since timing it among a bunch of people going to a bunch of events will be tough, I’ve created a time poll that you can fill out once you’ve booked any events you’re going to. Fill out the poll here (use any pseudonym you like, results are only visible to me).

I will close the poll and announce the meetup time on Monday January 19. Note that tickets to All About Women are general admission (no assigned seating) and may sell out.

Meanwhile, feel free to chat about the event and your choices in comments.

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3 replies

  1. The choice between Sarkeesian and Batty really is tough. I’ve chosen Sarkeesian on the basis that, living in Australia, I will have less opportunities to see her speak.

  2. Aw maaan, they’ve got Bell and Greer doing Women in Shakespeare. Which I will no doubt fork out the money to hear, despite the niggling feeling that I should actually be on the panel.

  3. Orlando 😦
    I do rather want a word with their booker about people they could have chosen for several of their events.

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