Otterday! And Open Thread

Our Open Thread this weekend is hosted by this otter dreaming into infinity. Photo by Jon Bunting.

Close-up of an otter staring into a wide hot blue sky

Please feel free to use this thread to natter about anything your heart desires. Is there anything great happening in your life? Anything you want to get off your chest? Reading a good book (or a bad one)? Anything in the news that you’d like to discuss? What have you created lately? Commiserations, felicitations, temptations, contemplations, speculations?

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  1. An entry for your Hoyden file. Janet Vaughn who during WWII was responsible for sorting out how to store and transport blood supplies. Plus a lot of other impressive things.
    Don’t be worried by the URL, it’s annoying but also a quote.

  2. Spending the day at the show. Right behind me is the sausage sizzle tent. Will be distracted and hungry all day.

  3. Janet Vaughan – what an amazing person!
    I was going to whinge about my workplace, but I think I will sit here being positive and determined instead.

  4. I’m watching Guardians of the Galaxy with Ms16 for her English assignment. She’s also going to read The Magic Pudding for the same assignment. It’s about journeys, so I reckon they’re both perfectly justifiable text choices.

  5. OK, whinging about my workplace now. I clearly am not made of the same stuff as Janet Vaughan.
    Micro-passive-aggressions going on:
    -packing away stuff I ask to be left out and vice versa
    -leaving her jobs for me at the end of the day which will require me to stay late doing unpaid overtime
    -not communicating planned displays in our shared room, leaving me scrambling to come up with something at short notice
    -apologising for an action, then repeating it the next week/few days
    -putting rubbish into my work boxes, which I have to clean out; not replacing paper, leaving me rummaging in the store room with children waiting to begin projects
    -hiding tools and equipment (yep, really: I have to ask her where they are, she has decided to store them in a totally different place, or has put them away behind something else)
    -packing away my personal property without permission or telling me where she has put it (some of these things are not very passive)
    -offering to help me set up for my session and then not completing the tasks I ask her to do
    -she does long hours of unpaid overtime and pays for things for kinder out of her own money; and pressures my work partner and myself to do the same; we are lazy and undedicated and not pulling our weight if we say no.
    -snarky comments about how politically correct I am (I got Ramadan included on the list of cultural festivals we will be celebrating this year, and we decorated for Tet.)
    If I bring up the problem directly, I get full on aggression – anger, tears, disparaging comments about my work ethics and personality.
    I’m being reduced to passive-aggressive stuff like just not doing the jobs left for me, and then feeling really tense about going into work because I know there is going to be a confrontation. I have set up discussions at staff meetings, where new processes are agreed to; and the next few days it all starts up again.
    She’s not a well-educated person and has had something of a hard life. She is kind, caring and the most artistically creative person I have ever met. I really respect her and like her. She has moved from working with one person, to three: and that is pretty difficult. My role has changed from follower to leader, and let’s just say she doesn’t really think I am quite ready for that sort of responsibility. She works as Stick Poker’s partner.
    On Monday, the pile of stuff from our home corner jungle that wasn’t packed away as per our agreement with my colleague, in preparation for myself and my work partner setting up our hospital on Monday pre-session; is going to be piled up in the store room either without comment, or a note in the communication book saying “Can we talk about packing up home corner in preparation for a new set-up AGAIN.” Cue the shit fest. I have gotten to the point where I admire the way she sets me up to lose whatever I do.

    • So sorry, eilish.
      Some of the behaviour sounds like it may come from her having a sense of disempowerment/negative reactions to change. Sounds like it’s making a really nasty environment for you – and it’s so damn hard to stay positive with the kids, when that crap’s going on over their heads. Any way you could give her own “space” in the room, to be in charge of, maybe? :/
      My own room leader is not the collaborative sort and has a tendency to steam roller us assistants, and then get narky when she finds herself swamped/overwhelmed. The other room assistant doesn’t have as good a relationship with her as I do, and doesn’t feel able to say anything (my big mouth makes that way too easy), so sometimes resorts to these sorts of passive-aggressive tactics. Sometimes she seems to even do them subconsciously.

  6. My 5yo has just been invited to his first “parents not needed” party!! Oh brave not-Mary parents, I salute you.

  7. Eilish, I can so sympathise with the level of frustration you’re experiencing, but is it possible that she’s not doing all these things “at you”, but that she’s just bad at being a good co-worker? Brief story: at one of my workplaces, I found that, without exception, all the staff felt that they were the only dedicated, hard working one, and that all the others were slack and lazy. I noted through their constant grumbling that each would see a job that hadn’t been done that wasn’t their responsibility, and outraged, they would do it themselves. Feeling pleased about how responsible they’d been, but out of time to complete all of their own tasks, they would leave for the day, setting up the next one for outrage and a job to complete that wasn’t theirs to do.

  8. Sadly, no, Arcadia. She certainly does think she is the hardest working person in the place and I am a lazy slack arse, though: and it’s true she isn’t good at being a co-worker. She is used to running the place her way and is finding having to accommodate others, ummm, difficult.

    Mary: it’s a big moment in life. Keep your mobile phone handy.

  9. Not sure whether this is the best place for this but is anyone else having problems with the Feministe site. I keep being redirected to GoDaddy with the message that the domain name has expired. Which sounds rather odd to me 😦

    • Aha, is that why my Feministe comment notifications have been super slow? I’ll get in touch with Jill to get that sorted.

  10. This is interesting, but I’m very disappointed there appear to be no women in the line-up, at least, none the ABC thought worth mentioning …

    The first “Carnegie Conversation” was with Alice Waters, so I do not despair entirely, but nevertheless.

  11. Just got a message to the blog from some spammer who started out

    Respected Client,

    How are you, hope will be fine & very busy in your business activities.

    Which at least made me smile.

    There doesn’t seem to be as much contact spam these days as there used to be. Probably tallies with the decreased importance of blogs in the distributed content landscape these days.

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