Daylight Saving and ANZAC Day holiday

This is your public service announcement:

Love it or hate it, the end of Daylight Saving is nigh (until 2am 4 October 2015). On the first Sunday in April at 3am clocks will go back one hour (i.e. it will be 2am) and we can all potentially sleep in. Except for those people who didn’t have Daylight Saving where it probably won’t make any difference, unless you have loved ones or colleagues/clients/customers in a different timezone and had to tailor your activities to suit.

NSW, Victoria, Tasmania, ACT and QLD will all be on Australian Eastern Standard Time.

South Australia and Northern Territory will be 1/2 an hour behind that (Australian Central Standard Time) and Western Australia will be two hours behind (Australian Western Standard Time). Then we get to whinge about it being dark when we get home from work and cold, lets not forget cold. Unless you live somewhere warm of course.

The ANZAC Day holiday is an interesting one this year. By interesting I mean annoying because I don’t get a day off. In NSW, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Northern Territory and Tasmania because ANZAC Day falls on Saturday there is no public holiday on the following Monday. In Canberra if you are an ACT Public Servant you get a Monday public holiday, but not if you are a Federal Public Servant, or ordinary Canberran. Fun fact: bus drivers are ACT public servants so people who usually catch the bus to work will have to deal with a Saturday timetable, as will private school students. The ACT school system goes back on Tuesday 28 April from term 1 holidays as ANZAC Day falls on a Saturday this year. Western Australians get Monday the 27th as their replacement public holiday for ANZAC Day, the lucky buggers.

There you have it. I hope I have this all correct, where possible I have used government websites hoping that they at least would have it right. If not we are all doomed, doomed I tell you.

Please feel free to express your dismay at the faded curtains, cows run dry etc. in comments.

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  1. Same story over this side of the Tasman w.r.t. daylight saving, but, we get a Mondayised public holiday on the 27th. Hurrah! We lost our Mondayised holidays for a few years, but thanks to a member’s bill from Labour (that would be my party which is why I’m bragging), we’ve gotten them back.

    • We get them for most public holidays, but specifically not ANZAC Day: “Unlike other holidays, no additional day is granted for the national day of remembrance in NSW under the Public Holidays Act.” (Source: SMH.)

      I really wish DST wasn’t actually a thing at all. As best I can tell, every argument for it has pretty indifferent evidence now that it’s been put to the test, and there are demonstrable negatives to it health-wise. And of course it’s a total pain for children.

  2. Come back Deborah we need you here!

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