Today in Things One Never Expected To Ever Say To A Stranger

Just come up to the rooftop. I’ll be the only middle-aged woman up there wearing a scarf reminiscent of Tom Baker in Doctor Who.

I just felt like wearing the stripiest scarf I own today, OK? Although I may well keep it in mind as tradecraft for the next clandestine handover of a lawn edger that comes my way.

A very old and scraggly woollen scarf, knitted in rows of many colours a la Tom Baker, the 4th Doctor

This is my one and only ever completed knitting project. I was about 9 at the time.

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  1. when you say rooftop, I’m imagining some highrise with spectacular city views (think Empire State type, although not necessarily that building).

    not sure why that comes to mind, but I’m enjoying the mental imagery anyway 🙂

    • I hate to puncture that glamorous vision, but it was a rather more an only just functional rooftop parking area in Marrickville above a fruit emporium. These are apparently the sort of encounters one can expect when one’s rellos buy things on Gumtree from someone who doesn’t want to post an awkwardly shaped item but is willing to bring it into work for a handover to a complete stranger who’s just been given their phone number.

  2. That scarf reminds me a lot of a blanket we have that my sister knitted when she was learning to knit. Someone gave her a bag of odd ends of wool and she used them to try out all the different stitches and styles in the knitting book she had. Then she had all these odd little pieces of knitting, so she sewed them all together. It’s a peculiar – looking blanket – it isn’t even rectangular – but Mr angharad insists on having it on his side of the bed every winter, because it is so warm.

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