New Year’s Open Thread


Well we’ve made it to 2016! This is an open thread to whinge about your lack of sleep, hangover, inconsiderate neighbours or Channel 9’s insistence of having Richard Wilkins talk over the fireworks*, again; or share your hopes or exciting things happening in 2016; or just a chat about something that takes ¬†your fancy.


*I’m writing this in December so maybe in 2016 we will get lucky.

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  1. I’ve been under the weather most of the holiday season, and spent most of it in languid semi-collapse while waiting for my guts to settle down and my sniffles to dry up. Of course now that I’m starting to feel a bit more human again, the skies have opened up and it’s all miserable outside. Boo. Our kittens adopted a couple of months ago have been very welcome entertainment however. I bought them their first collars on Monday, so now they look even more adorable and it sounds like we have little fairies tinkle-scampering all over the house.

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