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  • Call for Participants: Australian Blog Readers Survey

    The survey is open to readers of the blog who live in Australia. The survey will be used in a forthcoming (2012) book on the internet and Australia.

  • “But it’s Christmas!” “But I don’t care!”

    a thumbnail graphic: text reads BLAST FROM THE PAST

    This is a Summer Slowdown Guest Post (thanks again, QoT!) – a repost of a blog post from last year.
    I don’t intend to hassle the Vegetarian Society here as I think they’re offering some good, calming advice to their members. I just want to provide the more bolshy advice on stuff like this:


    a thumbnail graphic: text reads BLAST FROM THE PAST

    This is a Summer Slowdown Guest Post (thanks QoT!) – a repost of a blog post from earlier this year. Clearly the media meme of the month is “won’t someone think of the children, and the imaginary innocence we ascribe to them in order to justify our lack of openness about basic anatomy because it’s ~icky~?”

  • Friday Hoyden: Emilia

    In Othello, it is Emilia, unfortunate wife of the villainous Iago, who delivers the woman’s equivalent of Shylock’s more famous “Has not a Jew eyes?” speech.

    Such is the focus on the central couple that it is easy to forget that two husbands kill their wives in this play.

  • Parking Permit scheme collecting sensitive medical information – for no reason

    It is a violation of Australian privacy law to collect private medical information, which is specifically designated “sensitive information”, without a damn good reason. Is anyone making a noise about this?

  • Repost/Crosspost: because this PSA is still needed: “Can I talk to you?” troll

    If you have recently received a random message or contact from an unknown person containing text similar to the title, it may be a troll.

  • Border Gimps: Living on the Border

    Over the last many years I have struggled with physical limitations. I and a few friends like me, have come to call ourselves “Border Gimps”, especially since society not only loves to have a name for things, but also to help sort through the current “P.C. phrase of the month”. Now I know there are as many thoughts on that sort of thing as there are people to think them, but here is how I and mine define it.

  • The Conversation: Guest Post by Laughingrat

    Joanna Russ died today; I didn’t know her.

    This is how the conversation goes: a professor, a pal or two, mention a book by Joanna Russ called How to Suppress Women’s Writing. I see it referenced online sometimes; I find an image, occasionally, of the cover, with the phrases “She didn’t write it,” “She wrote it, but she had help,” etc., naming and de-normalizing bad ideas that are always sneaking into my subconscious.

  • Friday Hoyden: Jean Marsh

    Our guest hoyden today is Tasmanian author Tansy Rayner Roberts, who has the second book of her fantasy trilogy released today! woot!

    I can’t remember not knowing who Jean Marsh was.

  • Guest Post: The All Bodies Directory

    Today’s Guest Hoyden is Frances, from the fat acceptance advocacy blog Corpulent.

    Going to get something as simple as a check-up, a consultation or a pap smear can be a hugely stressful event for a fat person. However, there are good health care professionals out there. There are doctors that will treat a fat person without demonising their fat body. But it’s hard to know where to look.

    In light of this, I’ve set up the All Bodies Directory…