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  • Appreciation or Appropriation?

    hello kitty

    Appreciation or appropriation? You decide.

  • Thursday Internet Tradition: Soon! Soon? Soon…

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    Hoydens are aware of all Internet traditions! But we share our hard-won cultural knowledge! This week, something awaits…

  • Blogkeeping


    The parent theme which powers the Hoyden theme was just updated, so a few things might look mildly different. Please let me know if you find anything important missing or malfunctioning.

  • 6 Books: Dava Sobel

    A pile of books

    Her list of six books that ignited her passion for space, scientific exploration and adventure from Radio National’s Top Shelf segment. What books were ignition points for you? Most of mine had something to do with histories.

  • Vale Nora Ephron

    screenwriter and film director Nora Ephron

    A warm and moving tribute from Melissa Silverstein at Women & Hollywood. I’m sitting here reeling from the news that Nora Ephron has died. No one even knew she was sick and now she is gone.

  • “Abigail’s age has been raised.”

    A young woman of mixed race, in Puritan costume, clasps her hands and looks up.

    Arthur Miller’s The Crucible has meant so much to so many people. As a parable about state control, or without its political dimension, as an examination of the power dynamics within a closed society, or of an individual working through guilt to find something valuable in themselves. In fictionalising the lives of the real people involved, however, Miller raised Abigail’s age from eleven to seventeen. It may be time to think about his motives and the implications of the changes he made.

  • Utopia Girls: I’m disappointed

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    Guest Blogger Alex “Skud” Bayley reviews a documentary aired on the ABC about women’s suffrage in Australia, Utopia Girls: How Women Won the Vote.

  • Quick Hit: this is definitely the droid you are looking for


    For the sheer delight of it (and a bit especially for Chally) – Yarn R2-D2 | The Mary Sue.

  • Arctic Sea Ice: that 75% decline data

    A cartoon of a globe with a burner at the bottom and an ostrich putting its head in the sand at the top

    Tamino gives us a Sea Ice Update: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: one of the strongest evidences of global warming is the dramatic loss of sea ice in the Arctic.

  • Sunday Singalong: Björk


    Björk possesses a soprano vocal range, apparently. She released her first solo album at the age of 11. But we all got to know her in Australia when she was in The Sugarcubes, which was pretty much the first Icelandic… Read More ›