Spare me.

Michelle Malkin patting some hack on the back for doing a search and replace on a few paragraphs from the of a George Orwell essay, doing the usual strip-the-context bait and switch, as if he has made some profound intellectual point in comparing Orwell’s excoriation of the ineffectualness of the English left-wing intelligentsia during WW2 and the current anti-Iraq-war movement in the USA.

The original essay, The Lion and the Unicorn, is well worth reading if you’ve never seen it before, or rereading it if you have.

Then and only then go and read the hack from American Digest, with his Updating Orwell for Presidents’ Day. His search and replace on Orwell’s text is pure point-scoring without acknowledging the careful placing in context by Orwell during the preceding 4 and a half parts of Chapter 1, and also the conclusions he came to in the following two chapters.

Orwell deserves more respect than to be abused like this.

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