Conservative bloggers channel Jan Brady: Marcotte! Marcotte! Marcotte!

Cut and pasted from a comment I left over at my LP post on bloggers joining political campaigns in the US (related to this Hoyden post from last week):

Ha. The predicted conservative blogger meltdown about Amanda Marcotte joining the Edwards campaign has been going strong.

Because she’s opinionated and cusses frequently for rhetorical effect on her own blog, they think she couldn’t possibly rein in the polemic to do the job she’s going to be paid for i.e. simply be an effective blogmaster and communicator of the Edwards electioneering platform. There are even calls for Edwards to disavow some of her opinions, as if she’s a senior policy advisor or something (and not one of them is mentioning the ex-President of NARAL, who is in fact a senior Edwards policy advisor).

Disproportionate much? I’m glad that a couple of politically engaged progressive bloggers are getting paid to be deeply involved in a presidential campaign, it’s a positive trend, but these positions are very much entry-level stuff as far as political staffing positions go. Melissa and Amanda probably both have long term ambitions to rise to more influential positions in progressive politics over future electoral cycles, but what they’re doing now is an apprenticeship: they’re simply not there yet. Asking Edwards to disavow strong opinions from his junior staffers, who are there to do nuts-and-bolts campaign work and learn while they work, is simply ridiculous.

The pearl-clutching over her being “foulmouthed” and “viscious (sic)” is hilarious (follow the various links in the Feministing post). Auguste at Pandagon debunks Michelle Malkin‘s anti-Amanda claims with practised ease.

Bonus: Thanks to LP commentor Christine Keeler, I now know that Malkin has made a stilted v-log, wearing a Mao cap and pigtails to look all lefty-college-kid, attempting to show how deranged that foulmouthed Amanda’s writing is (Youtube video over the fold). SadlyNo! points out that she really needs to take a few more acting classes if she’s going to attempt satirical performances, otherwise they backfire.

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