Virtual travelling

Candy colored Portobello Road (365/145), originally uploaded by jennipenni I love these colours, and can imagine how cheering they would be on a grey day. It reminds me a little of the La Boca district of Buenos Aires, except the… Read More ›


So. Unless you’re living under a rock, you’ll know that Google StreetView has now indexed Australia. At first I thought it was only the cities – I idly looked up my place (feeling vaguely uncomfortable), and some places I lived growing up, and had a peek at the Perth CBD.

Then I realised they’ve also photographed a fair whack of the countryside, too. And not just the easy parts. They didn’t stint on crossing the Nullarbor:

Sunset by Turner

This was taken on a sunset whale-watching cruise last Friday evening, off Port Macquarie. It had been overcast all day, but the sky cleared just before we went out except for leaving enough clouds in the west to produce this… Read More ›

The Last Train out of Sydney

We are lucky to have the blogger from Fuck Politeness as a guest Hoyden this week. Fuckpoliteness is a blog born out of frustration over society’s obsessive commitment to formal/semantic politeness – to the empty vision of ‘manners’ in which… Read More ›

OK, I’m off (shortly)

I will be getting up very early in the morning to head off for holidays in accommodation with no net access. I Will Not Be Turning The Computer On Before I Go. There is net access at internet cafs and… Read More ›


is the reaction of the neighbourhood mooch-cat to finding that the interesting pile on the kitchen floor is only locks of hair from the buzzcut I gave my son this morning instead of something delicious. “To tell of disappointment and… Read More ›


Yes, it’s more pictures from Tasmania! This dolphin and its blowhole was part of a large pod in Adventure Bay on Bruny Island – there must have been at least 50. Unlike the usual mid-grey bottlenose I see occasionally around… Read More ›