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Lauredhel is an Australian woman and mother with a disability. She blogs about disability and accessibility, social and reproductive justice, gender, freedom from violence, the uses and misuses of language, medical science, otters, gardening, and cooking.

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  1. MsLaurie
    MsLaurie at |

    Wow. That analogy is… wow.

  2. shinynewcoin
    shinynewcoin at |

    That whole thread is so very disappointing.

  3. mary, mary
    mary, mary at |

    “Put your heathen mammaries away, woman! Can we get some legislation over here? I don’t have those and I’m not presently be pleasured by them, so we need to make them go away.

    Oh, and comparing your body to a bloodied cadaver doesn’t offend me, so don’t go twisting my words and telling people the analogy offends you, ok? The *last* thing the internet needs is your ill informed, nonobjective opinion, sweetie.”

  4. Ariane
    Ariane at |

    Quite aside from that… fabulous analogy (full points for originality), what’s with the “it bothers some people, so don’t do it” argument? I can’t think of too many things in this world that don’t bother someone. We can’t legislate against them all.

    I can’t stand boys wearing low riding skinny jeans with the rear pockets half way to their knees. Ban them I say!

    Other people are bothered by people walking around with earphones in. Ban mp3 players, mobile headsets and stethoscopes!

    No-one shall read a broadsheet on a train. Ever!

    And as for belly button rings, well, common decency requires….

    There must be a legitimate justification for being “bothered”, not simply an assertion. Bizarre analogies are not justifications. Duh.

    Ariane’s last blog post..Snippets

  5. plainjane
    plainjane at |

    Exactly, Ariane. Babies are generally bothered by not being able to eat when they’re hungry, but for some reason this perv thinks his personal comfort should take precedence.

    I wonder if this guy is similarly disgusted by the sight of breasts without children attached to them. For some reason, I’m having a hard time picturing him running around New Orleans during Mardi Gras, screaming at all the women to stop flashing him because it’s just soooo traumatic.

  6. SunlessNick
    SunlessNick at |

    I don’t find breastfeeding disgusting, as I anticipate that people will purposely misconstrue my comments.

    Hm; how would we ever come to that conclusion?

    I liken it to hearing a disgusting story while eating, or seeing some blooded corpse or similar on the news while eating – it is just one of those things I could do without, and I think that people need to be tolerant of that.

    Hm. I liken you to a dunderhead, a nitwit, in honour of the blog-owners a drongo, in honour of the German language, doof. But please don’t misconstrue my comments as calling you an idiot.

  7. Mindy
    Mindy at |

    He needs to see a Doctor urgently. If he can’t look away or close his eyes he has bigger problems than seeing someone, who doesn’t offend him mind, breastfeed. Maybe a good dose of STFU would help?

  8. rainne
    rainne at |

    And, you notice, breastfeeding my baby in public is only as ‘convenient’ as, for example, picking my nose on a bus. Because Lord knows, we’ve all had that situation where we’ve wanted to pick our nose on a bus, but out of deference to others have instead put aside a half-hour earlier that day to pick our nose ahead of time, packaged up the resultant – er – product in a pre-scrubbed and sterilised bottle, packaged that in an insulated carrier, lugged it around all day in case the urge to pick strikes, and then spent ages wrestling with a screaming baby who doesn’t understand why it’s being asked to suck on a latex teat when its mother’s warm breast is right there and being withheld from it for no good reason.

    Okay, so my analogy fell down at the end there. Seriously, have any of these people ever tried to get out and about during the day with a breastfed baby and not be able to feed that baby in the manner to which it has become accustomed?

  9. Ariane
    Ariane at |

    You know, I see a hidden problem with these sorts of discussions, because I have not ever tried to get out and about during the day with a breastfed baby and not be able to feed that baby in the manner to which it has become accustomed. I haven’t ever done that, because it never once occurred to me in the whole time I fed 3 kids that there was anywhere I shouldn’t feed. I mean, there was the brief time at the beginning when I needed to be almost naked to make the whole thing happen, and I was a bit selective then, but otherwise…

    I am glad I never read discussions like this when I was still feeding, I was clearly utterly oblivious to the waves of disgust directed at me. Or maybe Sydneysiders are so good at ignoring each other no-one ever noticed me. :)

    I’m joking about problems discussing this of course, but every time it comes up it continues to amaze me. Apparently, at least in Sydney, one should never underestimate the power of behaving as though there is no issue. :)

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  10. Birth_Lactation
    Birth_Lactation at | this the same Matt who responded on phdinparenting’s blog? This type of opinion is unfortunately infectious and contagious in their circles of communication. These are usually the same individuals who feel breasts are made for men and are quite happy to watch a scantily clad barely covered women walk down the beach! Great post! My dad always affectionately called me a hoyden as a child.

  11. AileenWuornos
    AileenWuornos at |

    This guy is seriously delusional. He’s not offended by it, but some people think it’s gross so don’t do it?
    I’ve never understood how picking your nose is “inconsiderate to others”, I mean, it’s my nose and I’ll pick it if I damn well want to.
    How these people get jobs as “journalists” I’ll just never fuckin’ know.

  12. Helen
    Helen at |

    Why is everyone so hung up on trying to catch me out on my opinions? Because I feel a certain way about something, does that mean I have to feel the exact same way about something else which you are comparing it to?

    Because you’re being a dick?

  13. Lauren O
    Lauren O at |

    Oh my God, I love it. “I don’t find breastfeeding disgusting,” it’s just that “I liken it to hearing a disgusting story while eating.” Could he even just proofread his paragraph? You can’t use and adjective and then literally one sentence later say you didn’t use that adjective. We’re gonna notice that, dude. At least put a couple sentences in between your blatant self-contradictory hypocritical statements.

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