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9 responses to “Taking Responsibility For What People Say On Your Website”

  1. Mary

    Heh, if people think HAT is ban-happy, they should try Geek Feminism. If we had taglines, one of them would be “happily banning you since 2009″.

    As a slightly tangential note, one thing I find hard about sites like Facebook and Google+ is that there’s less perceived ownership of threads than I find in many blogs. People just leap right in and start stoushing if they’re in the mood: there’s no notion of different people having different preferred comment policies or no-go areas or simple intolerance for conflict in their space.

  2. Medivh

    Man, the “but my free speech!” line shits me to tears. What’s worse is when some arsehat has said something that is now resulting in negative consequences pulls out that old canard.

    Free speech does not work that way, arsehat; you’re free to say what you want with your own resources. This does not mean that your speech will never have any consequences to you. I just means that the government will not punish you for expressing a non-actionable opinion.

  3. Alien Tea

    At risk of sounding like a suck-up, I appreciate HAT’s comment moderating policy. It makes it a much more pleasant place to visit, and does away with many of the problems that other online feminist communities that I frequent have.

  4. The Amazing Kim

    Exactly what Alien Tea said.

  5. tigtog

    Thanks all – it’s not a policy that comes without costs. Some people whose voices I generally value have reacted badly to being moderated just like any other commentor, and have stuck the subsequent flounce. I miss some of those voices.

    I don’t miss most of the others who flounce at all.

  6. catherine

    just de-lurking to also express appreciation for HAT’s comment moderation!

  7. SunlessNick

    Signing on to Alien Tea’s view as well.

  8. Susan

    I don’t say much, but I too appreciate the comment moderation here.

  9. Angelika

    indeedly & thank you so much.
    (( one of the reasons i rarely comment is that i agree with so many of “your posts” and i assume it would be “dumbz” to comment (being a non-blogess, non-australien, non-american, non-english-speaker in fact etc., yet avid reader/ess, appreciating & enjoying, ponderously e.g. the “food for thought” i find with “you hoydenz”) just to say “ohyeah & thank you”))

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