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  1. Brigid Keely
    Brigid Keely at |

    Despite your claims, it is already impossible for me to love him even more because my love for him is like a truck. Berserker. He’s consistently taking lines like this and I absolutely adore him on top of adoring his music. It kind of shakes my world that there’s a dude who gets it and, further, doesn’t think he’s exceptional or praise worthy for getting it.

  2. Katherine
    Katherine at |

    Weeelll, the new lego toys for girls (TM) are apparently based on actual research into what girls want from their lego and how girls play with lego.

    I myself however continue to be disappointed that all my lego train sets come with 1-5 dudes, and no women unless there are passengers needed (and not always then either).

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