Why you will want to love The Mountain Goats even more

Because The Mountain Goats do anti-LEGO sexism rants on twitter:

Dear Legos dudes, the regular Legos are cool for girls you don’t have to condescend to the awesome little girls of this world #liberateLEGOs

when you’re a new dad & you see toymakers trying to poison kids’ minds with bullshit gender-binary crap it makes you see red I tell you what

man I am like crying and throwing stuff mad at LEGOs. tell me where the LEGOs dudes drink I wanna go pick a fight #liberateLEGOs

brb going to Mall of America’s LEGO store to leaflet & raise Hell

It has been made so real for me by fatherhood! stinkin’ world is all about telling little people who they can be!

@LEGO_Group my kid’ll be getting toys that don’t try to sell him prefab gender assumptions. Shame on you, hope yr 4th quarter is a disaster

@LEGO_Group “more choice”…to have your life choices limited. you have outraged one unimportant singer-songwriter I’ll tell you what


Lyrics to This Year

I broke free on a Saturday morning
I put the pedal to the floor
headed north on Mills Avenue
and listened to the engine roar

my broken house behind me
and good things ahead
a girl named Cathy
wants a little of my time
six cylinders underneath the hood
crashing and kicking
listen to the engine whine

I am going to make it through this year
if it kills me
I am going to make it though this year
if it kills me

I played video games in a drunken haze
I was seventeen years young
hurt my knuckles punching the machines
the taste of scotch rich on my tongue

and then Cathy showed up
and we hung out
trading swigs from a bottle
all bitter and clean
locking eyes
holding hands
twin high maintenance machines

I am going to make it through this year
if it kills me
I am going to make it though this year
if it kills me

I drove home in the California dusk
I could feel the alcohol inside of me hum
pictured the look on my stepfather’s face
ready for the bad things to come
I down shifted
as I pulled into the driveway
the motor screaming out
stuck in second gear
the scene ends badly
as you might imagine
in a cavalcade of anger and fear

there will be feasting and dancing
in Jerusalem next year

I am going to make it through this year
if it kills me
I am going to make it though this year
if it kills me

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  1. Despite your claims, it is already impossible for me to love him even more because my love for him is like a truck. Berserker. He’s consistently taking lines like this and I absolutely adore him on top of adoring his music. It kind of shakes my world that there’s a dude who gets it and, further, doesn’t think he’s exceptional or praise worthy for getting it.

  2. Weeelll, the new lego toys for girls (TM) are apparently based on actual research into what girls want from their lego and how girls play with lego.
    I myself however continue to be disappointed that all my lego train sets come with 1-5 dudes, and no women unless there are passengers needed (and not always then either).


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